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The situation Of Nigerians in China is getting worse

africans-protest-in-chinaOver the years, Nigerians in China have been suffering untold hardship in the hands of the communist police of China,notwithstanding the diplomatic and trade relations between Nigeria and China.While other smaller African country’s citizens are treated fairly one wonders why the citizens from the most populous nation in Africa is being treated with levity in China.For example the Chinese authorities has been very considerate in renewing the visas of other African countries with the exception of Nigeria.

Other African countries have been getting their resident permit with ease but the case of Nigerians is different.Even when a Nigerian is married to a Chinese Citizens according to the Chinese law the person is still being denied the one year resident permit that the Chinese government give to people in that category rather they will be renewing the person’s visa every three months in the case of Nigerian Citizens.One therefore is pushed to ask if the then president Olusegun Obasanjo just signed a bi- lateral relation with Chinese government just to give millions of Chinese citizens free access to enter Nigeria so that they help and send our half dead industries to their graves. It is surprising that these Chinese citizens scattered all over Nigeria enjoy their freedom and carry on their businesses without any interference.It is absurd to hear that Nigerians in China do not enjoy any freedom at all and that there are many Nigerians that are being detained by the communist police in an underground cell.It is too bad that while many Nigerians wish to go about their legal businesses that the Chinese communist police are trying their best to frustrate their efforts especially in the commercial city of Guangzhou.

The police in the commercial city of Gunagzhou is a carbon copy of Nigerian police in corruption.The difference is that while the Nigerian police collect a pea nut as bribe their Chinese counterpart collect a fortune.Right now in Gunagzhou Nigerians are paying between 10,000 to 13,000 RMB that is 175,000naira to 227,500 naira bribe just to get themselves released as soon they are arrested to avoid being thrown into the underground cell.Even as the Chinese government says that anybody that overstayed should pay a fine of 5000RMB they still cannot not allow Nigerians to pay the fine with ease and go home if they wish to go,rather they will handcuff the person and make him to suffer in the cell and still pay the fine.The wife of a Nigerian who have a resident permit can never claim through her husband’s residency, rather if she wish to come to China she will apply and get a one month visiting visa within which she will leave. If not she will be there as illegal allien.Many Nigerian wives are in these category right now.

The most annoying thing is that these Nigerians that are being denied the legal stay in China employ Chinese Citizens in their various offices and shops, where they pay them a huge sum ranging from 2000 to 3000RMB monthly that is 35,000 – 52,500 naira. An amount that most Nigerian graduates are not receiving as minimum wage. I was recently informed that among the multinational companies in Nigeria that Chinese are the least paid workers. It is disheartening that these Chinese will cheat us in their country and rob us of our due at home. In Nigeria Chinese are importers, hawkers, clearing agents even visa vendors. In China, most Nigerians hardly see breathing space to carry out their legitimate businesses. A situation that most Nigerians have been helpless about.
I need a general advice on how to get this problem solved.
Since Nigeria have her own laws, is there any means that we can get Mr Ude the boss of Nigerian immigeration to try and enforce our own laws?

Can we unanimousely in this discussion group write pettition to Mr president about this situation.

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