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I did not take bribe at AFCON, Tunisian ref insists

Tunisia referee, Slim JedidiTunisia referee, Slim Jedidi came under scrutiny after he generously gave Ghana a penalty, ignoring a foul on Jonathan Pitroipa whom he unduly gave a red card in the semi-final of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations between Ghana and Burkina Faso.

Jedidi who was speaking for the first time to since the tournament stated that he did not collect any bribe as being insinuated. He also refuted reports that he was expelled from the tournament.

“I did not meet or take money from any Ghanaian representatives. It is difficult to see that people do not accept that I could make mistakes.

Jedidi admitted that he performed below expectations in that game.

“I was wrong. What else to say? How to explain? I do not know. God willed that I’m wrong here. On the semi-final, I was not good, I made several mistakes, and this is undeniable.”

I frowned, misinterpreted things. Who can say that he has never made a mistake? I’m sorry for those who are affected, I would apologize. But today, I’m trying to move on, to move forward.

“During CAN I refereed tough matches, including the semi-final which was considered very delicate, it means CAF trusted me. This confidence has not vanished in a game. I was short-listed to officiate at the next World Cup, I stay in contention. That has not changed. “

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