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Afcon: We’ll hold our heads high if…. Keshi

Super Eagles Head Coach, Stephen Keshi with Home Based Super Eagles at a News Conference at the Eagles’ Camp in AbujaSuper Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi said yesterday that in the event of the team losing to the  Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire, his boys would hold their heads high in defeat.

“Everybody claims that Cote d’Ivoire are the best team in Africa. They have been together for long and my team are a young team that am putting together. This is not an excuse anyway.

If we are beaten by them, we will walk with our heads held high. You said they are the best. Also, remember that the defending champions of this competition could not cross the preliminary stage.

Also, if Nigerians have decided that we are failures, they wont be surprised to see us beaten”, he said.

Asked if he was under pressure from the Nigeria Football Federation to win to meet his semi final mandate, Keshi smiled and said that there was no external pressure on him.

“Like I always say, if there is any pressure on me, it is my own pressure to excel in the competition. It is called Stephen Keshi’s pressure.

The atmosphere in my camp is good and there are no distractions or injuries. We are looking forward to Sunday. Sunday will determine our faith. You people say we are under-dogs. It is well for us”.

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