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Afcon: Keshi needs commendation not condemnation – NFF

Super eagles No 1 coach, Stephen KeshiTHE Nigeria Football Federation breathed fresh air into the technical crew of the Super Eagles yesterday when Chief Emeka Inyamah said that Keshi deserved commendation and not condemnation.

Speaking after the victory over Ethiopia Inyamah said that reports about threats of impending sack of the chief coach were a distraction and not coming from the football house.

“I told you earlier that these Eagles are work in progress. You can see that indeed that they are moving steadily. We are happy with their qualification and are ready to offer any necessary help to ensure that they win the cup.

For a man who has not lost a match, he needs to be commended. It will be fool-hardy for anybody to threaten him with sack when he is still in charge of Eagles in a middle of a tournament.

That to me is a distraction. Rather, we will come together at the end of the tournament to review everything.

If he is found worthy to continue, he will continue and if we think that there is need to bring in a white man or black man to assist, then we bring one”.
Right now, we are focused on the Nations Cup”, Inyamah said.

Looking at the titanic quarter final battle against the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire, Inyamah said that it would, no doubt, be a difficult match but predicted that the Eagles would carry the day.

“The Eagles like every work in progress will get better. That match will shock many people who write off the Eagles. For me, Cote d’Ivoire will fall”, the sweet-talking Publicity Chairman of the NFF noted.

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