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AFCON: We won’t sack Keshi now – NFF

Stephen keshiAre you among those agitating for change over the poor results from the Eagles in the Nations Cup? The Nigeria Football Federation has given a tacit backing to the team and their technical officials describing them “as work in progress”.

Nigerians, both from home and those in South Africa, have been irritable with the performance of the team that has seen them draw matches that they ought to have won.

But Publicity Chairman of the NFF Board, Chief Emeka Inyamah has pleaded for patience from Nigerians saying that the team “are still undergoing transformation. I know the feelings of Nigerians but the truth is that these team are work in progress. The Burkina Faso team have been together for four years.

The Zambian team too won the last Nations Cup and they have been together. If you look at the Eagles, some players have not spent three months in the team. We need to be patient and allow Keshi to tinker these team. With patience, these team will meet the aspirations of Nigerians”, Inyamah pleaded at their Stay Easy Hotel which was very uneasy after yet another draw against Zambia.

Asked if they would turn their face the other way if Keshi fails to cross the first round or quarter finals, Inyamah said that the board would decide when that happens.

“Whatever happens, the board will meet to decide whether to bring in fresh hands that will lead Nigeria to the World Cup. That has not happened and we don’t want it to happen. They still have a match at hand and a chance to qualify if they beat Ethiopia”, Inyamah said.

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