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AFCON 2013: Keshi defends defenders

Super Eagles Coach, Stephen KeshiEagles coach, Stephen Keshi stood stoutly against any blame on his back men after a sloppy defence caused Nigeria to relinquish a one goal lead against Burkina Faso few seconds to the end of the game.

“No, no, no. Don’t go there. My defenders were excellent. There is no blame for anybody and if there is anything, they deserve to be praised”, he said as many Nigerian fans agonized the slip that allowed Burkina Faso draw level. “I’ll allow them to sleep and then psyche them up for the match against Zambia. Gentlemen, these boys did well and we cannot condemn them because of the goal”, he said.

The Eagles would go up against defending Champions, Zambia on Friday after Ethiopia spoiled Zambia’s lead to end it on a goal apiece. “It’s not going to be easy but the way it is, we must go for their jugular. We will do something and come up with a good outing”, he insisted.

He said that Burkina Faso was a good team that had stayed together for four years while his team was a young team that have only stayed together for 25 years.

“There are no minnows in African football. Burkina Faso have stayed together for four years while my team are together for 25 days. They are not the same. They are a good side. We all saw what Cape Verde did against South Africa and saw what Ethiopia did against defending champions Zambia. Football has moved on in Africa. I am proud of my boys holding on after red card to Efe Ambrose”, Keshi emphasized.

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