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Cote dÍvoire protests Eagles’ hotel

eaglesThere is no doubting the fact that the Ingwenyama Conference and Sports Resort which will serve as the Super Eagles abode during the Nations Cup is the best hotel in Nespruit if not the best among the hotels allocated for the competition.

Situated less than 22 kilometers from the Mbombela Stadium and just 20 kilometers from the Kruger airport, this all encompassing dream sports facility has two standard pitches within its expansive facility, making the Super Eagles the only team in the competition that will not have to drive out to train.

This is the attraction that made the Ivorien National team take up residence there to acclamatise.

The Ivoriens who vacated the hotel on Wednesday to their Kedar Lodge in Rustenberg are questioning the rationale behind hotel allocation.

” if we had our way, we would have stayed there to play our matches because it is an ideal venue” an official of the team said.

Sports Vanguard has it on good authority that the Ivoriens did make some move, but it was rebuffed given the contracts already entered into by the LOC and the chosen hotels.

Last year, before the Draw CAF Executive Committee drew lots to allocate hotels to qualified teams.

The Super Eagles will play their first two matches against the Stallions of Burkina Faso and the Chipolopolo of Zambia in Nespruit after which they will move to Rustenburg on January 29 to play their last group match against Ethiopia, a match that will determine wether they come out group leaders and go back to Nespruit or runner up and stay in Rustenberg to play Cote D’ivoire, potential group D winners.

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