Egypt: The Engineer who wanted to be a Pharaoh

Muslim Brotherhood last year got the chance of a life time to govern Egypt… after fighting for over 60 years for a shot at the helm of power…Thereafter, what followed was highly troubling, they didn't only blow the opportunity through naive arrogance "We do it my way or not at all" … but they also prove the critics right— that religion and governing is like "Mixing Bleach and Ammonia…"

As Egyptians last year in hundreds of thousands demonstrated against Morsi decree and constitutional amendment… (drafted and passed by Muslim Brotherhood using their small majority in the house) one expected that an intelligent man of Dr. Morsi's caliber would have learned his lessons…especially, as he was forced to withdraw both laws in shame…instead he doubled down on "We do it my way or not at all"

The only religious state today that i know of is Iran, which still cant be called a religious democracy and their last election in which a moderate technocrat was elected, underlines the fact that the people expects from their leaders jobs, security, healthcare, innovation and food etc….and not some religious moral higher grand with empty stomach.

His disregard of due process and dislike of the opposition parties may have warmed the hearts of his party members and his followers, but sow the seed of discord between him and Egyptian people…After having to live under the dictator Mubarak, the Egyptian people refuse to be victims again to a despot like Morsi who should have known better with his PhD

After yesterday's military intervention and Morsi's dismissal…., the foot soldiers of Muslim Brotherhood wont blame their poor job the last one years, but the great Satan USA and Islam perpetual enemy, Israel. —

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websites. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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