African students invent anti malaria soap

Two African students have invented a malaria repellent soap using local herbs. They were recently rewarded with a $25,000 award at the Global Social Venture Competition.

The two students, Moctar Dembélé and Gérard Niyondiko hail from Burkina Faso and Burundi respectively and are the first non Americans to win the Global Social Venture Competition.

faso soap winners

Moctar Dembélé who hails from Burkina Faso and Gérard Niyondiko, from Burundi, are the first non American born/citizen, to win the Global Social Venture Competition.

Named Faso Soap, their invention if effectively marketed can have sweeping impact in many African countries.

“The soap will be available first here, and then given to NGO”, Gerard Niyondiko, Technical Manager of Faso soap said.

The soap is made from karate citronella, and other herbs that are still a secret.

“We want a simple solution, because every one uses soaps, even in the very poor communities”, Moktar Dembélé, General Manager of Faso soap said.

Here is the product profile:

FASO SOAPObservation
in many countries of tropical Africa, malaria is the leading cause of death for the population. It represents 30-40% of hospital admissions and up to 40% of public health expenditure.Solution
Production and marketing of soap “mosquito”, based on shea butter and enriched with essential oils of lemongrass and concern, to protect its users from malaria.Impact
Reduction massive number of people affected by malaria, especially among the poorest and basic hygiene.
Team : Gerard Niyondiko Moctar DEMBELEMentors : Astawabi DEMBELE

The invention is a good example of how Africans are developing unique solutions to African problems across various sectors from technology to healthcare.

Check out the inspiring video on Faso Soap below. For more inspiring African stories, check out


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