Dating two guys? No regrets for …as Vimbai apologises to Zambia

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EVICTED Zambian housemate Kim the last hopeful for the country, says her experience in the Big Brother House can be described as “an amazing rollercoaster of life.”

Kim told the Times Entertainment via a telephone chat from South Africa recently that she is happy to be exposed to a major reality show like the Big Brother Amplified where she learnt immensely from other nationals.

Kim says she had her fun in the house and her being attracted to two men is something that could have happened even when she was out of the house.

“In fact I am glad to have been connected to these two guys Lomwe and Nic who I plan to meet after the show. I don’t regret it because that’s me and that’s how I live my life,” says the Zambian beautician.

Kim feels there is no episode in the entire journey that she would record as relatable because she did what she did with her free and real mind.

When asked about her everlasting beef with Nigeria’s Karen, Kim says the Nigerian model did not like her from the first day she was ushered into the Big Brother House.

“I tried my best to stay away from her but she could always find a way of provoking me.

“What hurt me most is someone telling me what my mother should have done to raise me or God to have changed some features on me,” said the Zambian diva.

Funny enough on regrets, Kim says the only thing she regrets is not eating enough while in the house and that she has lost some weight.

On whom she thinks would be the best recipient of the Big Brother Amplified ultimate prize; Kim put her money on the gorgeous Ugandan musician Sharon O.

Taken a little bit aback on the life she led with her fellow Zambian housemate that was clearly not sound, Kim confessed that she was not the best of friends with Mumba but would always run to her when faced with challenges and the two would compare notes.

And Kim sobbed on the phone when she learnt about the demise of second Republican president Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

We were almost forced to terminate the chat as Kim became emotional and literally short of words and searching for what to say.

“No….no…What… you mean no one could tell me… when did it happen? Kim asked with a trembling voice.

Kim says she is shocked and saddened by the death of Dr Chiluba and that her wish is to be allowed to visit the widow Regina to pay her last respect to the man who she described as the president of her era.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean housemate who coined Mumba’s eviction, Vimbai has apologised to Mumba and Zambia for the action she took whilst at the helm of the house.

Vimbai justifies her action as mere pressure that goes with the head of the house task and that she had to make that swap based on Mumba’s clean record.

I thought Mumba was the only housemate who had not been nominated and believe me I did not do that based on a country bias but thought that she would pull through.

Vimbai says Zambia should not look at the mistake she made and pay back by not supporting Wendall.

She says Wendall did not in any way help her make that swap.

“I would like to apologise once again to Zambia for what I did because I know this feels like the worst betrayal by a sister nation.

“But trust me I have nothing against Zambia as a nation or Mumba as an individual who I can describe as mature God fearing and highly principled person,” claims Vimbai.

And Kenya’s evicted housemate Millicent who lured the live eviction audience with her short dresses that fitted well on her curvy structured body says the world of acting is calling her.

She says with the celebrity status earned in the Amplified House, she is sure that she will star in most of the African film productions.

“I am the only Kenyan so far who has acted in Nollywood with the likes of Mike Ozorunye, so now I want to take my profession to another level,” says Millicent.

When asked about the 12-week Big Brother Amplified experience, Millicent says it is one of the platforms that have helped her see a bigger picture of the world.

The Kenyan actress says she would not forget though the worst moment she had at the hands of evicted flamboyant Angolan model Weza.

She says it was hard to believe that Weza could call someone a witch and at the same time spread lies about her (Millicent).

Millicent also complained of Karen’s behaviour of always wanting others to accept her the way she is but refuses to do that unto others. She cited the beef that had been there between Karen and Kim.

Millicent said Karen always thought and wanted to be on the right side.

Well, well, well, the Amplified house is now ablaze with exactly five days before the mighty Big Brother walls crumble to expose two amplified winners who will walk home with US$200,000 each, the last minute action and drama on DStv channel 198 is what you can’t afford to miss.

Be amplified and keep voting for your favourite housemate.

Big Brother Amplified, PRESS PLAY!

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