Nollywood: Mercy Johnson’s mum fumes! Who dares Mercy and Odi will face God’s wrath

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In less than twenty -four hours from now, star actress, Mercy Johnson will be getting married to her Prince Charming, Odiase Okojie. But that is no longer news. The news today, is that Mercy’s mother, Elizabeth and father bared their minds on the raging controversies trailing the most anticipated marriage in the country.

Madam, are you really the mother of Mercy Johnson?

Yes. I’m Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson. I’m the mother of Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson.

What are your plans toward the marriage of your daughter, Mercy amidst all the controversies?

Well, actually I don’t have any plans because God is our planner. This is because I believe God is the only one that works on something and it works out perfectly. So I put my trust in God. It’s God that raised Mercy to where she is today; it’s not by my power.

Before she ever met Odi, God knew they were going to meet. And every thing that is happening today, remains known to God. He is aware of every thing.

I believe that if Odi is God’s assigned husband, the gates of hell can’t prevail against it. My Bible tells me that God does not give joy and add sorrow. And I believe the God that made her path to cross with Odi’s, knows their future, their present and their past. And whosoever stands somewhere and prays for the downfall of my innocent girl, will face the wrath of God.

Did Odi tell your family that he was married as is generally reported in the media?

I would not hesitate to say. Odi is not married. He said he met Lovely in Italy and that they dated. Along the line, she had one child for him, a baby girl.

Later, Lovely abandoned Odi and followed a man to Canada. It was that man in Canada she had the baby boy for.

Lovely confirmed that much in an interview; Odi is not the father of the boy. That’s what she said. We were aware of all these things and they don’t bother us because Odi is an honest man. The Bible said you shall know the truth and that the truth shall set you free. He has said the truth. He had a relationship with Lovely that produced a baby girl.

He also confirmed that he has been separated from Lovely for more than five years. He met Mercy in 2009.

Most people just run their mouths because they think they have something to say. How would a woman who claims to be married to a man abandon the man for more than five years and suddenly realises that they are still married because the same man has found joy in another woman?

If my daughter has scattered Lovely’s home, let the will of God be done in her life. Lovely is responsible for scattering her own home. If she loves Odi as she now claims would she have abandoned him to follow another man to Canada? She is talking now because her former man is late. If she is being used to spoil my girl‘s happiness, God will never agree with her.

Why do you suggest it’s a planned work to disrupt Mercy’s wedding?

If I hate you, there are many ways I can set you up. In this life, one has to be careful because enemies are everywhere. Of all my children Mercy is the most unique and I will always stand by her. And I can never deny her because she is a gifted child and God has used her to bring the family up.

God has used her to help the elder sisters and brothers. God has used her to bring the name of the family up. So, if anybody is stepping on my joy, he or she will face the wrath of God. I read in a certain newspaper (not Vanguard) that one stupid person made a statement that if the mother is reasonable she ought to have cancelled the wedding. For a man who claimed to be a man of God to utter such statements, that man of God is not born_again. If he is born-again, he should have known the truth. If he is not deaf and blind, he should ask why a woman who left a man five years ago would now show up threatening fire and brimstone. This is definitely a set_up. But as many that open their mouth against the family of Johnson negatively, they will face the wrath of God for we are innocent.

Mr and Mrs Johnson

She must be very dear to the family?

(The father cuts in) She is very dear to us like our other children.

Did you have any inkling at her conception or birth that Mercy would become this famous?

No. We are a Christian family. We hand over our children at birth to God and after that, it is sealed.

And that same God knows his plans for the children. It’s the same God who made her what she is today. As a young girl she played a lot and made people to laugh.

The father ( cuts in again) She was as free as air. And throughout her high school, she was the head prefect. And in sport she excelled too, by winning laurels. So her success was only a matter of time. No plan of the devil can harm her. Nobody can overcome her in the name of Jesus.

If Lovely is actually a wife to Odi, and my daughter is struggling to take her away from her marriage, I will pray to God and tell my daughter no, you cannot go into another woman’s home.

But the truth is that my daughter knew Odi in 2009. And when I asked Odi about his relationship with other women, he told me that he had a girlfriend who bore for him a girl.

He told me they a misunderstanding because the girl followed another man to Canada and had a baby boy for that man. If Odi was important to her, would she have gone to have a child for another man?

Now she wants Odi again because her former man is late.

How can you go give birth to a child for another person and now come back to say, someone is snatching your husband from you? If you want, I can phone Odi‘s Father and he will tell you that they don’t know this Lovely. It’s only Odi that knows her. She was just his girlfriend. The family doesn’t know her.

There was a report your daughter ran away from home?

How can they say she ran away from home? ; my daughter that I saw this morning? .

Madam, are you saying the wedding is still going on as planned?

God is a God of plans. He will bring everything out perfectly. So we are looking up to God for our plans. We have put everything in God’s hands and no man can change the plan of God.

Is it going to be a Church affair, with some traditional touches?

In our place, its traditional, court and the Church. Her father took me to court; did the traditional wedding and finally the Church wedding at the Assembly of God Church.

Mercy will follow the same pattern.

You don’t attend the same church with Mercy . . .

No. We don’t. Mercy worships at the Christ Embassy.

Do you have any idea what the Church plans to do on the D-day?

We are not members of Christ Embassy Church. All I know is that if God says the marriage will stand, it will stand. This story is just like that of the children of Israel. Do you remember their sufferings in the land of Egypt? But they stood by God and he saw them through. Remember Mercy is not the first to experience this kind of thing. It happened to Daniel, Ruth and others in the Bible.

God will fight for us; we will not fight for ourselves. But I know for sure that those who are not on Mercy’s side, I hand over to God; Our God is the God of battle. He has promised he will trouble those that trouble us. Anyone that troubles Mercy falsely, God will. She has never put her hands in anything devilish.

It was even rumoured that she’s pregnant, but when I confronted her she said, “Mummy I’m on my menstrual period, should I show you?”

Father: Of course she showed the mother. I was with her.

So by your own words, the wedding is going on as planned?

Father and Mother: By the grace of God, nothing will stop my daughter’s wedding.

Let this be a lesson for every woman who does not want their husbands to be their husbands. If you don’t respect what you have when you lose it you will cry. So Lovely is just crying for nothing, because what she lost, is my daughter’s gain.

What if Odi had died when she abandoned him, would she go to his grave to marry him?

She lost the husband and Mercy inherited him. So, let her go and die.

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