Nollywood: Tonto Dike opens up about recent controversial movie role

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Star actress, Tonto Dikeh is always an issue in the industry, especially when it
comes to her controversial roles in some movies including Dirty Secrets and yet
to be released Strippers in Love.

In a recent interview, she talks about her role in the movie “Strippers in Love” and other

All this while, why haven’t you produced a movie to call your own?

I would say I have only done one jointly with another person. I have not shot any personalmovie since I started out.


Nothing, maybe because I have been busy with other peoples work all this while. I
believe any time I am free, I would have some time to myself. It’s then I can
start something on my own movie. But for now, that’s not my priority.

What would you say is the factor responsible
for your unstoppable rise in the industry?

I can’t really say, I just understand that once you take mystery away from a product or
a brand, it makes it empty. I don’t know if it’s the mystery of whom I am or
why I am who I am. I really don’t know, I just have to thank God the way
everything is.

If you’re paid a fortune, can you go completely nude on set?

I don’t think I can do that. Not because of what people may say but because of the fact
that I may not be comfortable within myself doing that. And at the same time,
it’s uncultured, it’s not part of our tradition.

But it depends on the intensity of what it is. There are some roles that you have to
go nude but it doesn’t mean you are having s*x.

You could be nude and dying. So, it depends on how the script goes. But I am very sure I
will be very shy doing that.

In most cases, you’re comfortable kissing endlessly in movies, what’s your reaction on that?

To me, that’s very easy. I take things like that for granted. So, far it’s over, it’s
over. It doesn’t reflect in my life. Immediately I am through with that kind of
role, I leave and start thinking of what next to do.

Does that mean kissing on set doesn’t go the extra mile as some people are made to believe?

It doesn’t at all. Everthing is just acting and it’s like a family thing. Although, we
don’t really love ourselves 100 percent, we still have a family in Nollywood.
We know one another.

So, it’s just like being around who you know 100 percent. Only when I was new in the
industry that such little things appeared somehow but when I got matured with
time I became used to them.

Let’s go back to your roles in movies, recently
you participated in a movie, entitled Strippers in Love which has been keeping
movie buff tongues wagging even before its release, what exactly is the role
you interpreted in the movie?

Strippers in Love is a very different movie. It’s not like Dirty Secrets in its totality.
What the story line is all about is something different, it is about a
different problem, you can change a particular habit. It’s a beautiful story
and I don’t believe people will critize it when they start seeing it.

If I am going to do a movie, I put all my heart into it since I am a thriller, so that
it can attract people to buy the movie. So,you can judge the whole movie from
the two-minute scene in its advertisement on TV.

I don’t think anybody made me who I am today. I just came out and God took control. Even
though, he had to use men to do His work on earth.

It doesn’t matter what you say about me, I believe there are thousands of people out there
that love me with what I am doing.

My private life has nothing to do with my profession. The day I stop being a good actress,
then I know that something has gone wrong with my career. Nothing either said
or written by a man can bring my career down. It’s the work of God, I am not
bragging about it.

Let’s talk a little about your love life now?

(Cuts in) I am not going to talk about that, it’s my private life. If I have a man, I will
celebrate him

You’re a radiant actress, no doubt about that, what is the secret of your beauty?

Nothing. One thing is that I don’t really like using make-up a lot unless I am on a set.
I just try to keep my skin alive.

Anthony-Claret Ifeanyi Onwutalobi

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