Popular Igbo Names and Their Meaning

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Most Igbo names  have symbolic meanings and are grammatical constructed; that is, they constitute a complete expression.They usually reflects the immediate circumstance after a child is born to a family. It is an expressive reminder and powerful emotive thoughts of the family before and after the child is born. Most times, they are  religiously undertone

The philosophy behind  Igbo name has existed for long , except for aristocrats, wealthy people and well off Jewish merchants did not get surnames in Eastern Europe until the Napoleonic years of the early 19th century, when most of the Jews from countries captured by Napoleon Russia, Poland, and Germany were ordered to get surnames.

However, In Africa, surname is part of their culture. Your family name is a mark of your identity and the evidence of your root. The reason for the last names was for sustaining of the family lineage. This reason has shaped the mind of a lot of Africans in different ways. To some African Community, A family that does not have a male child is afraid of breaking the chain of their family linage. Sometimes, they go step further to ensure that this philosophy is maintained. This page contained a lot of African names and their meaning. You can choose any name for your child from the array of this beautiful names

No Igbo Names Meaning
1 A(na)gbapuluonwu: Death cannot be shaken off/escaped
2 Adanna –  Father's daughter**
3 Adaora- Daugther of the people or community
4 Afamdi- My name would remain
5 Afamefuna- My name won't miss
6 Amalachukwu- Thanksgiving
7 Anazonwu:    Death is not desired**
8 Anezionwu:  Does one send death?
9 Anulika- Joy is greater
10 Arinzechukwu-  Thanks to god
11 Atu-egwuonwu/Egwuonwu:  Do not have-fear of death
12 Balonwu/Belonwu:  If it weren't for death
13 Chiamaka –  God is beautiful
14 Chibuike –  God is (my) strength
15 Chibuzo –  God is first or comes first
16 Chibuzor- God is the way 
17 Chidiebere –  God is merciful
18 Chidiebube –  God is glorious, **
19 Chidimma –  God is good
20 Chidindu –  God is alive
21 Chidubem –  May God continue to guide me
22 Chiedozie- God has fixed it
23 Chiekezie- God perfect creation
24 Chigbo –   God protect 
25 Chigozie- May God bless
26 Chikadibia –  God is greater than doctors
27 Chikaodili- It is in God's hands
28 Chikosolu-  pleases God 
29 Chikpee-  God should judge
30 Chima –  God knows
31 Chimalu-  God knows
32 Chimamanda –  My God will never fail
33 Chimaram –  God knows me
34 Chimaraoke –  God knows my share/portion
35 Chimebe –  God should continue to act.
36 Chimezie- My God do it for me
37 Chimzurum-  My God is sufficient/enough for me
38 Chinanu –  God hears
39 Chinasa –  God answers
40 Chinasa-  God answers
41 Chinedu –  God guides,**
42 Chinekwu –  God speaks
43 Chinelo –  God thinks
44 Chinemelum –  God does for me
45 Chinenye (Female) God gives
46 chukwunenye(Male) God gives
47 Chineyere- God gives
48 Chinoyelum- God be with me
49 Chinwe- God's own
50 Chinwe –  God has; God owns
51 Chinweike –  God owns strength
52 Chinyelum –  God gave me
53 Chioma- Good God
54 Chioma –  Good God/Good luck/ Good fortune
55 Chisom –  God is with me/behind me
56 Chiwetalu –  God has brought
57 Chizobam- May God continue to fight/struggle/battle for me
58 Chukwuadika –  God is too much
59 Chukwudi- There is God
60 Chukwudi –  God is or God exist
61 Chukwudinma- God is good
62 Chukwudiogo- God is merciful
63 chukwudozie- God repairs/heals
64 Chukwuebuka –  God is big/huge
65 Chukwueloka –  God gave this a lot of thought
66 Chukwuemeka- God has done
67 Chukwuemeka –  God has done a lot
68 Chukwuerika –  God is plenty
69 Chukwuezugo –  God is enough
70 Chukwugozie- God bless
71 chukwugozie/chigozie- God bless
72 Chukwuka –  God is greater
73 Chukwuma- God knows
74 Chukwuma –  God knows
75 Chukwunazo- God saves
76 Chukwunedum- God leads me
77 Chukwunonso- God is near us
78 Ebelechukwu- Mercy of God
79 Ekenechukwu- Praise the Lord
80 Emenike   Don't do things in a hurry
81 Ezinwa- Good child
82 Ezinwannem- My good sibling(s)
83 Ginikachukwu- What is greater than God?
84 Ginikandu- What is greater than life 
85 Ifeanyichukwu- There is nothing hard for God to handle
86 Ifekwumelu- Big thing happened
87 Ifenna –  worship God
88 Ifunanya or Ihunanya Love
89 Ijeoma- Good journey
90 Ikenna- God's power
91 Kachisiso-  As God wants it
92 Kanayochukwu Let be asking God or let us pray to God
93 Kelechi- Praise the Lord
94 Kenechukwu- Thank God
95 Lotanna/Chetanna –  Remember father
96 Lotannachukwu Remember God
97 Makuochukwu-  Hug the Lord
98 Mesoomachukwu- Good things of God
99 Munachiso God is with me
100 Ngozi- Blessing
101 Njideka or Nkejika The one I have is greater
102 Nkasiobi-  Comfort
103 Nkechi- God's own
104 Nkemakonam- I should not look for what is mine
105 Nnabuike- God is power
106 Nnanna –  Father's dad/grandfather
107 Nneamaka- mother is beautiful /good
108 Nneka Mother is greater
109 Nnenna –  Father's mum/grandmother
110 Nwanosike-  Child stay well; Child that has come to stay
111 Obainuju Meet us in abundance
112 Obiajulu-  My heart has found rest
113 Obialunamma or Obiageli Came in a beautiful way and won't suffer
114 Obinna- God's heart
115 Obinna –  Father's heart; the heart of the father
116 Odirachukwu- It is up to god
117 Ogbonna/Ogbonnaya/Ogbonnia  "Father's incarnate"**
118 Ogechukwu- God's time
119 Ogochukwu- Goodness of God
120 Ogonna-  Father's magnanimity; Father's generosity
121 Oluchukwu- God's work
122 omuluzo-  If you have children, you should raise them,
123 Onwuamaibe:  Death knows no peers (death has no friends)
124 Onwuanu-mba:  Death does not heed – rebukes
125 Onwuaso:  Death does not respect
126 Onwuatuegwu/Onwuatu:  Death does not fear
127 Onwubiko:  Please, Death!
128 Onwubuariri/Onwubualili:  Death is terrible sorrow
129 Onwuchekwa:  Death should wait
130 Onwudinjo:  Death is bad/evil
131 Onwudiwe:  Death has done (a bad thing)
132 Onwueme:  Death has done it again
133 Onwuka:  Death is greater
134 Onwuma: Death can please itself
135 Onwumechili: … Death closed
136 Onwurapu, Onwurah, Onwughalu:  Death should leave
137 Onwutalobi Death has eaten the kingom
138 Onwuzulu:  Death is everywhere
139 Onwuzuluigbo/Onwuzuruigbo:  death has reached all Igbo land
140 Onwuzuluike:  Death should rest
141 Onyedikachi/onyedikachukwu- Who is like god?
142 Onyinye- Offering
143 Ozaram-  He's answered me
144 Ozoemenam-  It (misfortune) shouldn't happen again
145 Sochima-  Only God knows why
146 Sochimachukwu/sochukwuma/ Only god knows
147 Somadinachukwu- lord, let not i live life alone
148 Tobechukwu- Keep praising
149 Tochukwu- Praise God
150 Uchenna- God's mind
151 Udochukwu Peace of God
152 Ugochiyelu- God's glorious thoughts
153 Ugochukwu- Pride of God
154 Ugonna/Ugwunna –  Father's pride; Father's honor
155 Ukamaka- Church is good
156 Usochi- Sweet God
157 Uzoma-  Good way/road

 More Explanation  of the Names in asterisk

 Adanna –  Father's daughter (usually given to the first daughter)

 Anazonwu- Death is not desired (Does anyone struggle to inherit death?)

Chidiebube -God is glorious, Majestic God; God is magnificent

Chinedu – God guides, could also be Chinedum (God guides me)

Ogbonna -A name given to a son who embodies the virtues of his father hence "Father's incarnate"

Onwuzuluigbo -death has reached all Igbo land (or more appropriately "Death is everywhere")

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