Nigerian Student Cuts Off Penis and Swallows It

pennis nigerHmmm was he under a spell? Or is he suffering from some form of mental or psychological trauma? The questions are many on the lips and minds of many who heard the news of a Nigerian student (names withheld) enrolled in one of the numerous tertiary institutions in Ghana who sliced off and swallowed his man-hood penultimate Friday.

Although the details are sketchy aa to what led the 25-year-old student to chop-off and literally ingest his manhood but we gathered that he is currently on admission at one of Ghana’s teaching hospitals.

Already hunger has been ruled out going by the average cost (over N900, 000) of tuition per academic session for foreign students in a Ghanaian university; because if his parents could pay his fees for studying in Ghana, that should mean they could afford it as well as cater for the needs of their son.

The student who hails from Zaria, Kaduna State has already been visited in hospital by the Consular Officer at Nigeria’s mission in the Ghanaian capital, Mr. Andrew Idi and other officials of the Nigerian High Commission Accra.

The student told them during the visit that he believed he was under a spell, when he carried out the bizarre act.

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