Dino Melaye Mocks Helicopter Crash Victims. **may we hear more cry of their deaths – Dino Melaye.

dinoThe attention seeking former member of the Federal House of Representative, Mr Dino Melaye has ‘spit on the graves’ of Late Kaduna state governor, Patrick Yakowa, Gen Azazi and other victims of the Helicopter crash in Bayelsa over the weekend.

Melaye mocked them for been the architect of their misfortune. The former member of the House of Representative who came to prominence through his notorious fight in the floor of the National Assembly and his allegedly impregnating and denying the paternity of a Nollywood star’s child.

The disgraced Honourable member, exhibited his insensitively over the lost of prominent Nigerians and ignoring the pains the deceased families will be going through, tweeted after the crash that, “Private jet equals private death, stop the stealing now”.

He also politicised the victims death by tweeting that, “may we hear the cry of death in the camp of our enemies”.

Good or bad Gov Yakowa, Gen Azazi and other Nigerian that lost their lives in that Black Saturday in Bayelsa, they deserve a simple respect from Nigeria. Their death is not their making, as no one will ever wish to die painfully like that.

The crash victims were just ordinary passengers in that Navy Helicopter. While Nigerian governors seeing buying private Jets as if they are changing car tyres, Late Gov Yakowa use commercial aircraft like any other Nigerian, and in some most cases, he use shared Air taxi for his official engagements outside the state.
The same is of Gen Azazi, who has served Nigeria meritorious as a soldier and later as a security Adviser.

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