Sullivan Chime Not Dead, False Death Report Strikes Governor and Timi Dakolo

deathLOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Sullivan Chime is not dead. Sullivan Iheanacho Chime has not died today December 15, 2012 despite a false news report published moments ago. Officials confirm that the governor of Enugu State in Nigeria has not died Saturday but is the victim of a fake death report surfacing online. Timi Dakolo is also not death; Dakola confirms to news that he was not a passenger on the Bayelsa helicopter crash Saturday.

Timi Dakolo tells news that he was not on the helicopter that killed Governor Patrick Yakowa and General Andrew Azazi today. Timi and his wife were at the burial alongside Yakowa and Azazi. But the singer was still in Bayelsa on the ground performing after the Governor and General took off.

In a news statement Saturday, Timi Dakolo said “God saved me”. The West African Idol winner was, however, originally planned to fly on the helicopter that crashed. “Timi is doing okay, he was meant to fly on that chopper but he didn’t. I just got off the phone with him,” Tony ‘Don T’ Anifite, told NET Saturday.

Also today, Governor Chime battled false death reports. Chime has not died. But on Saturday, a false news report read “a reliable source who confirmed his death to said he gave up the ghost an hour ago in India.” The false report added “News of his death puts an to the many speculations that the Governor was indeed terminally ill.:”

Former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dubem Onyia confirmed Saturday that the Chime is not dead and the death reports published online today are false.


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