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BREAKING NEWS: Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime dies in India.

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Governor sullivan chimeA heavy cloak of mourning falls on the nation once more today as news of Governor Sullivan Chime’s death filters in.

A reliable source who confirmed his death to codewit.com said he gave up the ghost an hour ago in India. (9pm Nigerian Time)

His Excellency, the late Governor Sullivan Chime had battled an undisclosed illness for months. When citizens began questioning his prolonged absence from Enugu, the official story was that he was on a long vacation accrued over a period of 5 years.

Meanwhile, the latest information reaching us was that The PUNCH’s Enugu State correspondent, Ozioma Ubabukoh, was harassed by seven men who claimed to be security agents in front of his apartment in Enugu around 11.45pm on Saturday after the news was first reported.

The men seized Ubabukoh’s phone and his laptop in order to stop him from sending stories to the head office.

As at press time, the men were still in Ubabukoh’s apartment and insisted that they were not leaving until 3am.

Efforts to get across to some commissioners in the state were not successful as their phones were switched off.

May his soul rest in peace.

More details shortly.


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