Nigerian In UK Kills Former Partner to Stop Child’s Conversion to Christianity.

bokcrisLove brought together Esther Arogundade, a Christian and Shola Adebiyi a Muslim together and the love blossomed despite their religious difference and eventually culminated in the birth of their daughter. And that led to trouble between the England based Nigerians.

Adebiyi who is a Muslim wanted Esther to allow their child convert to Islam and this led to quarrels and eventually the breakup of tthe relationship. According to the prosecutor at the Manchester Crown court, Robert Hall, “These arguments were ignited by differences of opinion over the religion of their daughter – the defendant wanted her to convert from Christian to Islam, but Esther was a church goer.”

The relationship having broken down irretrievably because of the hard stance of Adebiyi, Esther then moved on and started another relationship with another Nigerian called Mr. Alabi.

This did not go down well with Adebiyi. Who called Esther in 2011 while she was visiting Nigeria to warn her that he would kill her on her return to England. If Esther thought it was a joke she was wrong.

Distraught that his 2 year old daughter was not allowed to convert to Islam and that his lover had moved on to another man, Adebiyi waited for her to return to England from Nigeria then broke into her house where Esther Arogundade was stabbed 13 times with a kitchen knife by Shola Adebiyi in Salford, Greater Manchester thereby causing her death.

Not done with killing her, Adebiyi also called her new lover, Mr. Alabi, and told him he would never see Esther again.

Adebiyi then called a friend to confess. Upon confessing, the friend coyly went over to Esther’s house and saw Adebiyi emerge from the house with blood stained clothes and a knife which he threw into some bushes.

Adebiyi has been apprehended and was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 20 years and 6 months on Tuesday the 11th of December 2012.

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