Igboville at Two- so far, so good by Onyema Uche

Image Igboville as a social network is unique in her formation, because it is all embracing, dynamic because she has multi talented members, and more importantly visionary because it is the work of a generation with the burden of future and gory tales of past experiences. Igboville could be described as a modern day prophets because we do not runaway from the evil against us, we stand out from the people, stay with the people, and challenge the unacceptable norms, and predict our future. This is what gave her the prophetic character. Igboville is a moving hurricane of ideas, carrying with her the burden of a people that for many years have been massacred, marginalized, oppressed, harmed, harangued, humiliated, and hated. This is what makes our forum unique, our message is our experience, our mission is our solution to end the unpronounced holocaust of ndigbo in Nigeria.

Emeka MmaduewesiIgboville is social because she is also providing new definition of Igbo culture, expounding and exporting Igbo language. Igbo language for the first time is on twitter, effort is on going to put our language on Wikipedia. We are working on a new Igbo dictionary directed by Yvonne Mbanefo. We are redefining our socialization with enunciation on what makes us unique. We recognize the achievement of our sons and daughters. We praise virtue, I mean heroic virtue. We are the group inspired to fill the generation gap.

Igboville assisted Igbos trapped in the North during the heavy onslaught against Ndi Igbo living in Northern Nigeria

Now since the formation of IV, we have made impressions on Igbocentric issues. We marched in London against the killing of Igbos, South Africa, Dublin, Finnland, Italy, and we sent a protest letter to British PM. We released a communique 2011 after our retreat in ImageAfikpo. We recently demanded the reopening of all the refineries in the SE, and it was granted with fiat. We gave press release condemning the posting of our NYSC children to the troubled states in the North. We are working on conscientizing our people to think home. Reorientation is the challenge we face now. We will succeed.

IV is central and acceptable because our mission is not to rest power from our leaders, but to inspire and encourage them to do more. We are not a substitute group, rather a prophetic part of the existing and existed groups. We are the new idea of all Igbo sociopolitical, cultural, and economic groups. The pacesetters.

During the recent flood disaster in Nigeria, Igboville made food and cash donations to victims in parts of the South East

ImageThe greatest challenge we have now is not from outside, but from within. That is harness all the wonderful ideas streaming in everyday. IV is a forum infested with dynamic ideas. One needs to sit back and read Kelechi Deca, Mitt Okorie, John Okiyi Kalu, the advocacy of Etim Anya, the power of Chukwuemekam E Chukwuemeka’s logic, the fire in Larry Illoh’s contributions, Victor Agu, Nze Anizor’s unshakeable stance on his convictions, or Igbonekwu’s analysis of Igbo place in Nigeria. The vision of Emeka Maduewesi has become the burning fire that does not consume its victim but purifies it to become ameable to all. Yes I am because we are.

We are also present in the predicament of our people. This we demonstrated by our donations to the flood disaster victims.

-Onyema Uche, a public comentator, lives in Washington, United States of America

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