Unique & Innovative” Guinean Man Caught trying to Enter Spain Disguised as a Car Seat!

guinea manThere are some stories you read about Africans and the desperate means they employ trying to leave the continent to what they call “greener pastures” that leave you in shock.

Lots of times, I read of some risky ways people try to leave the continent by road, through the desert and so on.

But with this one, I just said WOW and left my mouth open for a while. Like the Civil officers who caught him said, this one was “Unique and Innovative”.

Vigilant Police caught a 20 year-old man from Guinea attempting to sneak into the Spain pretending to be a car seat. He was caught trying to enter into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco over the Beni-Enzar crossing on Friday.

Daily Mail reports that he was hidden inside a Renault 7′s passenger seat, with the co-driver sitting on top of him. The insides of the seat had been discarded, leaving only the frame which he slid into.

The two Moroccan men aged 21 and 23, who allegedly tried to smuggle him across the border were arrested. They will be appearing before a court accused of people smuggling later this week. The 20 year-old man who was caught disguised as a car seat was also detained and has been expelled from the enclave after appearing before a judge.

The Guardia Civil officers who had to help the man out of his hiding place, later described his attempt to pass undetected as “unique and innovative”.

guineaman2Another interesting thing about this story is the young ages of the men. 20, 21 and 23. Don’t you find it interesting that lots of young Africans have given up hope on their countries and want to “check out” by any means possible, even pretending to be a car seat?

I can’t begin to wonder how he must have felt suffocated inside that seat, with the iron bars pressing against his body and the weight of another person on him. Did they really think they thought they would not be caught?

I still say WOW! What do you say?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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