Nigerian students to represent Birmingham varsity in N-Power Challenge

Despite the fact that we see and read about citizens of this great country who create a bad image for the country in the diaspora from time to time, we still have some worthy ambassadors of this country that we can be proud of.

Two Nigerian citizens studying in the University of Birmingham, UK are doing Nigeria proud. Kame Tseja from Kogi State and Jennifer Omige from Edo State both final year students of Chemical and Energy Engineering, will be leading their school team to this year’s N-Power challenge.

Organisers say that the challenge is expected to provoke thoughts, problems and solutions in contestants as they look at the world energy crisis and the rising costs of electricity

The challenge dares contestants to look for solutions. How energy needs can be balanced with responsible climate management, whilst maintaining affordable prices.

N-Power which is a leading world gas and electricity supplier has designed the contest to find the brightest minds in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate study in the UK and the Netherlands  in a final inter-university brain battle.

L-R Dongfang Zhao, Kame Tseja, Saba Butt & Jennifer Omigie at the energy contest

There are three stages of the competition. A 500-word proposal, on ‘Regional Heats.’ The judges will be looking for solutions that deal with affordability, public perception of solution, security of supply, sustainability, customer loyalty and retention on Regional Heats. Then a six-minute presentation to a board of judges followed by an eight-minute presentation to the board of directors of N-Power in the International Finals in Westminster, UK.

Already, Kame and Jennifer; both tipped to be graduating with First Class honours, have scaled stages one and two and are now officially in the finals beating 30 teams across the UK.

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