It would seem from evidence that Africa is doomed. Not because it was cursed by God but because the people are too blind to see, too deaf to hear, too adamant to understand and have too much faith in the unknown to reason. These are the possible reasons why Africa will always be exploited by any country which dares and continue to provide slaves to the world.


Sometime ago someone told me a joke: “Once upon a time a white man asked God why he was so unfair in the distribution of earth natural resources. He wanted to know why God put almost all earth’s resources in Africa, Middle East and South America and left Europe with only cold weather. He complained bitterly that everything appears to be in abundance in Africa: gold, silver, diamond crude oil, bauxite, magnesium, copper, uranium, tin, name it; any type of animals or plants or element: you will get it in Africa. He told God that He was not a fair God and he will not believe in him. After a long pause, God told him wait until you see the type of people I would put there” this was many years ago before Europeans partitioned Africa.

While I was in the medical school Professor Nkposong, while teaching us haematuria (blood in the urine) told us a joke. For some reasons that day my brain was very alert and I recorded everything he taught us that day. I can still see the diagram of the male renal system he drew on the black board from the kidney down to the urethra, and the various causes or bleeding and their locations. He made it so easy to understand how a simple history and urine analysis and microscopy can tell you the possible source of blood in the urine. He was one of the most brilliant teachers that I met.

He said that the white man and the black man started life together and then both of then reached a river and swam over and then there was a big cliff which they needed to climb over. Both of them managed to find a bamboo tree and used it to climb to the top of the cliff. He paused and said that was where the similarity ended. The black man went along foraging and bunking. However the white man climbed down and looked at how he climbed to the top. He wrote it down by the side of the rock then climbed to the top of cliff foraging and bunking. After few years another set black and white people came to the same cliff. The black people quickly found a bamboo tree and used it to climb to the top and went bunking and foraging. However, the white people stopped read what the first white man did and decided to do better.

They got some bamboo and made a ladder because it would make climbing easier for their young people and women. They climbed to the top of the cliff foraging and set up a camp to help people who are having difficulty climbing the cliff. Then each set of white people who came to the cliff, tried to make it easier to climb, but the Black people always did the same thing because it was their tradition and they believed it was the way it should be. Then he said it has remained that way, every black man simply does what the previous black man did and that is how we got to where we were way back in the 80s.

At that time Babangida was wrecking his havoc on Nigeria and a lot of academics were fleeing Nigeria to Saudi Arabia. All that the government could do was an advert showing Andrew saying’ I am checking out’. The brain drain had begun and we were bearing the brunt of it as many excellent teachers had migrated to Saudi Arabia. Professor Nkposong came from University College Ibadan to give us the lecture because Ife had no professor of urology at that time. He told us another story of how he got an office in University of Ibadan after the head of department refused to recognise him because he is not from the West. This is a story for another day.

For some reasons when I left lectures that day, I continued to think about it and determined that I would do everything possible to visit the land of the white man. When finally I arrived England more than fifteen years ago, I could not believe what I saw. From Gatwick airport to Wickford in Essex where I stayed with my friend, there was not a single dead light bulb on the street lights. For some unknown reason, that is what I remember about that journey. I was amazed by the way the British have built up their country. As the years went by, I have not forgotten Professor Nkposong,s joke and the meaning has finally downed on me and I now understand why he told us the joke. He wanted us to be different, to believe in change and that change comes from learning and attempting to improve on what already works but can be made to work better. After many years, I have realised that professor Nkposong was telling us to be careful of tradition and embrace the scientific process. Wherever you are professor Nkposong, I want to say thank you, for that day, and the jokes. You are a great teacher.

One would wonder what has these jokes and a bit of my life history has to do with Africa and the future. Well it does because the future of Africa appears worse than its past, unless Africans and their leaders learn how to live life and do things for the right reasons. At the moment, it is the time of China to exploit Africa and it is doing it in a very sophisticated manner. Not by sending missionaries to deceive the people with a promise of heaven and threat of hell, but by working on the greed and desire for power of our leaders and helping us to fight each other. On Syria, China and Russia stopped the Security Council from repeating the Libya experiment in Syria. Whether it is a good thing or not the future will tell. If you look around all over the world China supports despot and leaders who oppress their people.

This is not because China likes the leaders to oppress their people, but its policy is to act at all times in its best economic interest as they are doing it East Africa, Congo and Nigeria. Recently, I saw a picture of a Nigerian police man holding umbrella to protect a Chinese business man on his mobile phone. It just reminded me of the colonial era, and I knew that the Chines have arrived to take from Africa like the Europeans did some years ago. To show their commitment to Africa they have built the conference hall for African Union and we do not know if they wired it so that everything that would be discussed in that building would be relayed to Beijing. I like the Chinese, they are smart. Smart people do not need to discover anything. They just have to know how to copy. We can at least learn from the Chinese to copy if we cannot learn from the west to make.

Even though the way and manner China pursues its economic interest all in Africa would harm our economic and democratic development, the second coming of the white man to Africa may be worse. It is very clear that many European countries are broke; Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and even Britain are all broke. Very soon Greece will explode and the EU will decide where the money will come from. France and Britain have already tried to secure their future by returning to Africa. They removed Muammar Gadhafi and quickly shared the oil exploration rights between themselves but the fools of Africa hail them as bringing democracy. China and Russia which were marginalised in the first scramble for Africa were not amused and decided not to let the same thing happen in Syria. They would rather help a brutal dictator suppress its people’s quest for freedom and anarchy than allow what happened in Libya to be repeated. Don’t be fooled, they know what they are doing. Once they have been promised part of the spoils of war, they will get on board.

Since the people of Libya killed Gadhafi they have found out that democracy in Africa does not put food on the table, build schools and roads, provide pipe borne water, bring about security and guarantee a better life for all. The liberators of Libya are still squabbling about who the next Gadhafi should be. They are still hunting down those they suspect were loyal to the former dictator and exacting revenge on them. They are now doing to Gadhafi’s supporters what the West stopped Gadhafi from doing to them. It really shows how difficult it is to know the right thing in our world. The people of Libya should have read Aesop’s fable about the fox with fleas which feel into a hole and refused a do-gooder to remove the fleas from its body, before removing Gadhafi in the way and manner they did. No doubt Libya was better under Gaddafi than today. However he was a brutal dictator. The only thing that appears to have changed in Libya since the fall of Gadhafi is who controls the oil.

In Nigeria the sudden escalation of Boko Haram is not just a national problem. There is a sophisticated international dimension to it which appears to have Nigerians have ignored. This international dimension has all the finger prints of the way some countries in this world secure their national economic interest in it. If for once we imagine the possibility of this conspiracy theory. The western countries have found out that they met more resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan than they anticipated and then decided to return to Africa. They started talking about democracy and free and fair election

To present themselves as the good guys, first they removed Gbagbo of ivory and allow France to regain her influence in the country and its natural resources. France is very happy and agrees to play ball. Second they removed Gadhafi and take over the oil. Their plan is working. The next target is Nigeria but there is a big problem its population and ethnic mix. However there is an easy solution its religious mix and corrupt and malleable leaders who do not care about the people and the future of the country. They are also afraid that if things do not go according to plan that Nigeria will present it with a huge problem. What will they do?

Then enter Saudi Arabia, the home of extreme Islam and the number one sponsor of Jihad in the world. They approached Saudi Arabia and they asked her to please sponsor some problems in Nigeria the way it did with Afghanistan. Then Saudi Arabia contacted its fundamentalist Islamic cleric in North Nigeria and expressed its intention to sponsor a jihad in Nigeria. Knowing that the plan had been going on underground already, it was not difficult to rally the faithful to a Jihad especially as an infidel was the president of Nigeria. They started with the sharia law and taught it will ignite the fire but Baba Obasanjo was rather too wise for them and it did not work.

Then they had Yar ar dua and quietened down. Suddenly he died and another infidel took over. They tried to remove him by keeping an already dead man alive for many months and later realised that you can only prop up a man who has reached the end of his life for ever and gave up. They quickly reactivated the original plan and in, came Boko Haram. They asked Sanusi to create the Islamic bank and he quickly did it, and the money started flowing freely into the Islamic bank and then arms started arriving Nigeria in containers and Hoko Haram went into action. Meanwhile the real masters are bidding their time to make a kill.

The question is, why would Saudi Arabia be interested in destabilising Nigeria? Well it would be in its economic interest to do so and spread the influence of Wahhabi Islam. The same type of Islam that gave us A ’Qaeda, Osama Bin laden, El Shbab and Boko Haram. Nigeria is a fertile ground for another religious war that would benefit the west arms manufactures and it would be in their economic interest for a sectarian war to break out in Nigeria. It will be a win, win situation for the west and Saudi Arabia. The west’s arms manufactures will make a kill and Saudi Arabia can pump more oil to make up for the short fall from Nigeria. This is how the real world works.

This scenario will ensure that many corrupt Muslim politicians keep more of their stolen loot in Saudi Arabia and their Christian counterparts theirs in Britain and America. Of course now that they have Islamic bank Muslim politicians may not need to do that.

Unfortunately, Boko Haram has failed to instigate a sectarian war on Nigeria that would benefited all the interest groups maximally. What has happened is that the real masters have approached Nigeria to offer assistance with terrorism and this would involve a huge up grading of Nigeria security apparatus. What this means is that they will sale useless arms to Nigeria, like the one they sold Gadhafi and it will keep their defence industries in business. These industries depend on war. Without war, many western economies will collapse. They have assured the very wise Nigeria government that they will loan it money to buy the arms. Suddenly you hear of American and France helping Nigeria in its war against terror and their war ships visiting Nigeria, to help her fight a war they helped to start for their economic reasons. Of course the gullible Nigeria leaders are grateful and would apply for a billion dollar loan from the World Bank to finance war on terror which is used to pay for arms. The money will returns to the west, and Nigeria, saddled with useless arms and a huge debt and the cycle will be repeated.

The final phase of this second coming of Europeans to Africa will come in a few years ’ time when the World bank and IMF will suddenly increase the interest Nigeria would pay on her loan because the credit rating agency they own, has downgraded Nigerian; credit rating. Nigeria will finally realise that it cannot service its debt and will be offered either the Ivory Coast solution, Libyan solution or both, why not.

Well this is just a conspiracy theory, but if you read the Wikileaks files you will not just dismiss it. Just in case you observe anything like the scenarios I have described above happening, do not forget where you first heard it. Let African countries continue to watch, pray and wait for the second coming of the white man. It is near, even at the door. I wonder if Africa is domed or the continent is just stupid. Unless those who have seen how other nations organise their affairs help Africa and Nigeria, it would seem that we are all domed. Indeed, maybe, there is a point to my friend’s joke. Wait until you see the type of people I will put there. Surly, God keeps his promise.

E O Eke is qualified in medicine. At various times he has been a General medical practitioner, Medical missionary, Medical Director and senior medical officer of health in Nigeria. He specializes in child, Adolescent and adult psychiatry and lives in England with his family. His interest is in health, religion philosophy and politics. He cares for body and mind

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