Four UK Gang Members Sentence To 93 Years Imprisonment

Kelvin-ChibuezeKelvin Chibueze (pictured above) was allegedly murdered by some gang in the UK.
A UK court judge, John Bevan, has condemned what he calls Britain’s “endemic” knife culture as he jailed four members of the barking-based Harts Lane street gang for 93 years in total.
The four member gang were jailed for repeatedly stabbing a Nigerian Teenager, Kelvin Chibueze.
Dale William, 21, Lerone Boye, 25, Hugo Nwankwo, 18, and Roger Damali, 31, denied murder charges but were convicted after trial at the old Bailey.
A fifth man, Ibrahim Zakari, who threw a bottle at Kelvin during the chase earlier got a two-year jail sentence but has been set free because he had served more than a year in jail on remand.
The judge identified Williams and Boye as ringleaders in the attack, while Nwankwo joined in the violence outside the club. He said all three carried knives.
Williams was jailed for life, to serve a minimum of 26 years. He denied murder but admitted violent disorder.
Boye, was jailed for life, with a minimum of 28 years, while Damali, was jailed for life with a minimum of 23 years and Nwankwo, who was 16 at the time of the murder, was sentenced to 16 years in a young offenders institute. Continue after the cut… 
Damali, told the court that he joined in the attack out of loyalty to others rather than any direct involvement.
Zakari, was cleared of murder but convicted of violent disorder, having denied both charges.
Kelvin Chibueze, rushed out of a private party at an east London venue after he was attacked in a mass brawl involving knives and bar stools.
But he tripped outside a Lidl supermarket and the rival gang members sat on his legs to stop him running away before stabbing him repeatedly with a foot-long blade.
A petty squabble over a girl is thought to have started the row because Kelvin, from Croydon, was affiliated to the notorious Dagenham Boys gang and went by the street name Boss Don Gramz.

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