Nnamdi Kanu Writes the Free World From Prison

Islamic fanatic Muhammadu Buhari; the Court has proven that I have no case and have not committed any crime known to the law. Two competent Court of jurisdiction had ordered my release which Muhammadu Buhari flouted.

But just when I faced a compromised Court- his puppet, there is a conspiracy to try me in secret. I have fought vigorously; consistently argued under the constitution why a secret trial is evil and criminal. Surprisingly; I was on the adjourned date of 20 March declared by the trial Judge that my trial is no longer based on common law or Nigeria constitution but based on Islamic law (Sharia law). This is the greatest evil and neither will I allow this religious terrorism; I am not a Muslim, I forbid Islam and the law of Islam will not kill an infidel they called me. The world has done little to protect those that believe in God of Elijah (Be them Christians or Jews) but God gave you unto mankind for such a perilous time like this when Christians or Jews are persecuted for their belief. By virtue of my unlawful incarceration; I consider it an act of terrorism that must not be overlooked, terrorism is conversant with Sharia law they have embraced to further terrorize me

It has been proven that I committed no crime known to the constitution of Nigeria or the acceptable law in Nigerian federation (Common law). Muhammadu Buhari has also through her imposed Judge disclosed that I am being tried on the principles of Sharia law. This is forcing a religion upon me; Islamization of my case or person is highly not acceptable by me though the world would keep quiet but God has chosen you not to only lead America and make it great but bring praise unto his Holy Name. Sharia law is a path to my execution because I am an infidel and seen as one opposing Islamization of the people of Biafra that stands as the only clean race in Africa. My trial has migrated from civil to religious issue and there is Islamic terrorism being targeted at me.

Finally; I humbly bring to your notice the need to intervene in my case which is now a case of terrorism. The bombings going on across the world is a result of the barbaric intention to impose Islam on the world. My trial that is now illegally based on Sharia principle is an execution of the purpose of terrorism. While the world is bombed to be brought under Sharia law; I am incarcerated to be brought under Sharia law. The people of Biafra have eschewed any form of violence even while I am incarcerated; I have propagated for peace hoping that common sense will prevail but the Islamic fanatics cannot reason beyond religious bigotry. USA as a Christian country; a God owned nation has a part to play anywhere systematic terrorism surfaces.

Yours sincerely: Ifeanyi Chijioke in Nnamdi Kanu.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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