ecretary Rex Tillerson and Sameh Shoukr

Tillerson: Egypt’s great potential overlooked during past two decades of US foreign policy

US Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson and his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry met with each other in Washington on Monday, discussing bilateral relations between their countries in political, economic and military fields. The US foreign secretary condemned terrorist activities in Sinai Peninsula and expressed his country’s support for fighting terrorism in this strategic region.

Rex Tillerson also lauded Egypt’s policy to fight terrorism and underscored the country’s key role in resolving the Syrian crisis. He stressed that finding a solution to the crisis of Syria will be impossible without working with Egypt that enjoys a ‘unique status’ among all Arab states.

The US foreign secretary said in this meeting that Egypt with its rich civilization and great politico-military strength in the Middle East is a major ally in the region adding that the country’s enormous potential has got underpaid attention during the last two decades of US foreign policy. The new administration seeks to broaden bilateral relations in all areas, he added.

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