Nigeria Fake bishop david oyedepo slaps to intimidate children to accept being possessed

bishop-david-oyedepo-private-jet( Nigeria as a country is gradually becoming something else. Ignorance and miracle hungry citizens have sheepishly left their works and family to pay homage to thieves and fake miracle and arrogant men and women who called themselves pastors or minister of God. In this video, you will witness a  Poor innocent girl, who came out wishing to be saved was interrogated by this fake bishop and was been intimidated to accept been a witch. But the innocent girl insisted to maintain her longing for christ “I’m not a witch, but I wish for your Jesus” It looks like pastor misheard her and slapped her.

It was bad enough that he slapped the girl, he even went on to say and I quote “You are not set for deliverance, You are free to go to hell” Like really?!!!! That should never have come from the so called “man of God” 

If Christ demonstrate Christianity in this manner, i believe people will be would not want to be christians or even go for deliverance. This is not deliverance but pride in deliverance. This Pastor has three private jets. watch and judge for yourself. TB Joshua also give his followers all sort of degrading punishment. The attention of the authority should be raised now. Christianity is not brutality.

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