President Goodluck Jonathan urges Nigerians to use locally made goods


goodluck-jonathan1Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, has began a personal campaign of increasing locally made content when he formally presented a made in Nigeria cassava flour bread which he declares he will eat until he leaves power.
‘ I have been eating this bread for the part one week and I will continue to eat only this bread till I leave the state house’, President Jonathan said.

To support this, he has directed the Minister of Finance and cordinating Minister of the Economic team, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala; minister of Trade and Investment-Dr Olusegun Aganga; Minister of Agriculture – Dr Akinwunmi Adesina; Minister of National Planning- Mr Shamsudeen Usman and the Chief Economic Adviser to the President -Prof. Nwaneze Okidigbe to meet and fashion out policies that will grant incentives to users of the cassava flour in their production lines.
He condemns the preference of foreign goods to local product as it has adverse effect on the nation’s economy through importation.
He stressed that for a nation to note forward, we must tame our exotic taste of foreign made products as what is produced in the country is smoothnes better than what is brought in from other countries.
‘ We must encourage what we have. Other countries that have become great did not wake up one day and become great.’ President Jonathan urged.
He believes that with the new incentive policies to be created by the ministers,many people who produce bread will start to use different percentages of cassava flour.
He therefore, encourages that more insight should be given to how to harness local resources to attend to local needs.
Nigeria is the highest produces of cassava in the world with 34 million too per annum. Processing the product will rate Nigeria #656 billion yearly on flour import,create job and more income for local farmers


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