‘Uganda’s ugliest man’ blessed with 8th child from second wife

While some men who feel they are blessed by God in the looks department, Godfrey Baguma, a Ugandan man who has been tagged as 'Uganda's Ugliest Man' due to a rare medical condition giving him his distinctive looks, has just had an eight child from his second wife, Kate Namanda, whom he married in 2013 after he divorced his first wife after she committed adultery.

The 47-years-old Godfrey Baguma, known as Sebabi, – which means the 'ugliest of them all', attributes his prolific ability in the production faculty, to God's blessings which has been channeled below his belt.

Sebabi, a former cobbler, now uses his unique features to earn a living and even appears at events as Uganda’s Ugliest Man just for people to see him, but he took it a step further by launching a singing career.

His wedding ceremony in 2013 brought his small hometown of Kyazanga, in the Lwengo District of Uganda, to a standstill as guests paid 4,000 Ugandan shillings to attend the reception and see the woman Sebabi married.

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