Suspects in attack appear in court

In the wake of the Garissa University attack which claimed the lives of 148 students, 5 suspects accused of supplying weapons to the al-Shabab gunmen have appeared in court.

According to Al Jazeera, the suspects were arraigned in a Nairobi court on Tuesday, with the prosecutor granted an additional 30 days to investigate their actions.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government published a list of groups it considered "terrorist" organisations and a list of entities it suspects of being associated with al-Shabab on Tuesday night.

The Kenyan government also listed 86 entities including businessmen, money-transfer companies, bus companies that operate between Nairobi and the country's northeast, Muslim clerics and a Muslim human rights organisation.

Following this, the government froze the accounts of the suspected individuals in addition to suspending the licences of 13 Somali money-transfer firms.

Meanwhile, 3 days of mourning officially came to an end on Tuesday night, when hundreds of people attended a vigil in Nairobi's Freedom Park, where an interim shrine of crosses and candles had been set up.

Attendees of the event also included survivors from last Thursday's attack.

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