Bird allegedly turned into man

According to Citi News, a Ghanaian online news portal, a bird has reportedly turned into a man in the Dodowa township in Accra, the country's capital, throwing the residents into a state of pandemonium and panic.

The news site reports further that the incident happened early this morning at about 6 am when a security man shot at a bird perching on a tree and on landing on the ground, the bird allegedly transformed into a human being.

As residents and passers-by trooped to catch a glimpse of the bird-man, he was taken to the police station to avoid being lynched.

An eyewitness spoke to Citi News:

"Around 6am today, a security man shot at a bird using a catapult. The bird fell to the ground and transformed into a human being.

He was then taken to the Dodowa Police station."

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