Father beats paedophile to death for grooming his daughter

An angry father in Brazil has beaten to death a suspected paedophile who allegedly tried to groom his 11-year-old daughter using messaging service Whatsapp over three months.

After the brutal murder of the 23-year-old, the father proceeded to post the video online and the bloodied man is shown begging for mercy in the sickening footage. Three days later his body was found.

Mirror reports that the dad filmed himself battering the 'pervert' who tried to groom his daughter, and then killed him.

In the footage, the badly-injured man is shown being held by the throat and pledges to cut all contact with the girl.

He was mumbling "Never again, never again, never again."

The father replied: "You will learn from this beating that you will now take you b*****d."

The man was found dead in brushland three days later.

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