Nigerians in Diaspora list 10 questions for PDP delegates

atiku2CODEWIT-  NIGERIANS in Diaspora, under the auspices of  GEJ/SAMBO 2011 Diaspora Support Group,  Europe and America, weekend,  logged  10 questions they want Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, delegates to answer before  deciding on who, between President  Goodluck Jonathan and former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, they would vote for in the party’s presidential primaries.

Chairman of the GEJ/SAMBO 2011 Diaspora Support Group, Europe and America, Chief Lambert Igboanugo, in an electronic mail statement to Vanguard said Nigerians in Diaspora would hold the PDP delegates responsible for whatever happens to the country if they failed to make the right choice, adding,  “A wise decision to vote and protect Nigerian posterity is for the delegates to run carefully through the antecedents of these two individuals and know who best can advance the image of Nigeria in the international community because no country is an island and be trusted to deliver his promises”.

The ten questions are: “Who amongst them can freely enter the US with their families and be back to the country before the party primaries? Who amongst them can clear the air of suspicion of hurriedly relocating his family to Nigeria from the US to avoid arrest?  Who amongst them has still got to clear himself from administrative panel indictment which was officially gazetted? Who amongst them will rather abandon the party PDP (as his known antecedent has proven) if he loses the primary to his opponent? It was only Samson in Bible who stayed in the house to pull it down”.

Others are: “Who amongst them has Gen. Babangida sponsoring a pullout of questionable PDP members from the Party the moment his sectional consensus candidate loses to a national consensus candidate in the primary? Who amongst them has left in PTDF and other parasatals he headed, so much ooze of repulsive and repugnant odors, which the PDP delegates can never leave unnoticed? Who amongst them have had his tutelage in the most corrupt paramilitary service of the land until the 90s?

“Who amongst them is prostituting from one party to the other leaving his PDP and PDM ideological supporters in limbo?  Who among them cannot go to US to campaign his manifestoes to millions of Nigerian professionals expected to come and make a difference in the development of the country?  Who among them thinks the country can do away with Nigerians in US since he has legal difficulty in entering the country to sell his candidacy?   He added.

According to Igboanugo, “The party delegates should know that their votes must also determine the future of PDP if they are men and women of honour ready for transformational and re-building of Nigeria. Until these pertinent questions are answered to favour Nigerian posterity, PDP delegates owe Nigerians in Diaspora the explanations of what happened to the country after their voting”

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