South African police hunt 3 women after man is raped


The recent rape of a 21 year-old man in Diepsloot, South Africa is shining a light on just how common the problem of male rape is becoming

Police in Diepsloot, South Africa are on the hunt for a group of three women who allegedly raped a 21 year-old man on Sunday night.

According to Diepsloot police spokesman, the suspects lured the victim by pretending to ask for directions after which he was raped at gunpoint.

Cases of male rape in the country are becoming more common than most people would think.

“People don’t see a man being raped as a serious problem, even though it causes immense damage,” said Martin Pelders who is the founder and spokesperson of male survivor group, Matrix Men.

“Due to social pressures and the myths which surround sexually abused men, men are reluctant and embarrassed to seek help,” added Pelders.


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