VIDEO: Singer Eddie Kenzo, journalist get physical at press conference for being called gay

Singer Eddie Kenzo of the "Sitya loss" fame has been involved in a physical scuffle climaxed by serious exchange of fists with a journalist attached to Dembe FM-Isaac Katende alias Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga.

It all started when Kasuku made some allegations that were not taken in good faith by the singer who yanked him to his feet and sent him a couple of jabs before he fumed out of the venue.

Eddie Kenzo addresses the press before physically addressing Kasuku. Photo by Micheal Kakumirizi

This all happened at a press conference that was organised by Kenzo at centenary park (Laftaz comedy lounge) on Thursday morning.

Eddie Kenzo who had called the press to announce preparations for his Sitya Loss Nice and Lovely concert that is slated for 19th September at Kati Kati grounds, started by scolding the media and journalists for writing negative news about artistes hence suffocating their chances to shine on the international stage.

“If you want us to represent you worldwide, why don’t you stop the negativity?” Kenzo said, adding:” The press people have always written about me not knowing English but have moved to over 20 countries overseas representing Uganda, where are the artistes who know English? They have also reported about me being gay which is not true.”

Kenzo (white t-shirt) thumps Kasuku

Kenzo (white t-shirt) thumps Kasuku. Photo by Micheal Kakumirizi

“I never went to school but have learnt English from the people that I associate with, you should at least be thankful that I can express myself in English." Kenzo scoffed.

Events would have gone as planned had Dembe Fm presenter desisted from taking the floor to hurl a number of observations as well as questions.

“I will say this on behalf of my fellow journalists; you musicians will not criticize our work. For the past one year, Ugandan media has been writing good stuff about you (Kenzo) but you can’t accept. When I go to the club and find Dr Jose Chameleon drunk and helplessly down on the floor, why would I go back and write that I found chameleon standing.

Kasuku went ahead and said that: "The press conference was announced to start at 10:30, when we reached here, the place was empty; Kenzo came at midday and still sat aside. He then expects us to write what we didn’t observe?"

Kasuku (Blue t-shirt) is helped up by a colleague. Photo by Micheal Kakumirizi

Kasuku then swtiched Eddy Kenzo's "anger lights" on by stating that in 2011 when he was still working for Star TV on the Kasuku live show, Eddie Kenzo paid him (Kasuku) not to play songs of another artist- Big Eye.

The statement by Kasuku was not taken in good faith by the singer who yanked him to his feet and pummelled him before he fumed out of the venue.

His manager only identified as cox came back and addressed the journalists saying Kenzo was insulted by being called gay to the
extent that he lost his cool. “I on behalf of Eddy Kenzo apologise to the public on behalf of him.” Cox said.


This is not the first time that Kasuku is being beaten by artistes, or even their relatives, it specifically comes after Jose Chameleon's wife Daniella Mayanja sneaked in his office and slapped him across the face in December 2012 for allegedly spreading false and malicious rumours about her husband's pecuniary matters.

The table that Kenzo used as a jumping point to land on Kasuku before thumping him was left broken and the place messed up. Photo by Micheal Kakumirizi

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