South Africa is under pressure, says Henry Okah’s lawyer

henry-okahRudi Krause, lawyer to Henry Okah has told presiding judge, Hein Louw that he is ‘not bound’ to ensure ‘the interests of a community thousands of kilometres away from this court.’
Mr. Krause was responding to points raised by prosecution lawyer, Shaun Abrahams on Monday when he cross-examined Mr. Okah.
‘You have no onus to save face in the international community by refusing the applicant bail,’ Mr Krause said, urging the judge not to give in to ‘statements of ideology’ he attributed to the prosecution.

Mr. Krause said Mr. Okah should be granted bail because the South African state’s case is ‘a case subject to substantial and serious doubt.’ He also said Mr Okah is entitled to medical treatment ‘which he will not receive in prison.’

Mr. Krause also said based on ‘the conflicting statements’ issued by the Nigerian government, ‘little or no reliance can be placed on any evidence emanating from that part of the world.’
Mr. Krause cited the contents of an affidavit which the prosecution stated it received from the Nigerian government, saying the document was ‘sweeping, vague…to the extent that it is actually embarrassing…’

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