Worried about harassment and torture of residents and land owners in Igbo-Olomu

Fashola_2A community leader and estate agent, Chief Mutairu Owoeye, has sent a Save-Our Soul (SOS) to Governors Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and his Ogun State counterpart, Gbenga Daniel, to put adequate security measures in place to safeguard the lives of innocent people that are being subjected to daily suffering.

Describing the situation in Igbo-Olomu, a border community located between Ogun and Lagos States as frightening and alarming, Owoeye noted that life has become miserable for the residents since early this year when a group of hoodlums laid siege to the community, threatening to wipe out all the residents if they refuse to vacate the land which they claimed belong to their relations.

Owoeye who debunked the claim of the hoodlums stated that when they invaded the area last January, he and other leaders in the community who believe in the rule of law promptly alerted security operatives both in Lagos and Force Headquarters in Abuja.

He however maintained that rather than act, operatives from Lagos State Task Force came to Igbo-Olomu to threaten residents and landlords with arrests.

“Few days later some hoodlums invaded Igbo-Olomu in broad day light and ransacked the entire community. The invasion almost led to the death of Baale of Igbo-Olomu, Chief Nurudeen Adebayo who narrowly escaped death”, he stated.

The community leader, who alleged that the hoodlums and their sponsors had been using security operatives to arrest innocent residents however, insisted that he would not abandon the Baale and his family who own the Abajigi land just as he task Fashola and Daniel to urgently take action.

“To our surprise, these invaders, using some police officers have been arresting innocent people, alleging that they are land speculator.  This is a total falsehood.  The parcel of land which these hoodlums want to possess forcefully belongs to the Baale Adebayo and his family.  The family known as Abajigi family owns the land.  These hoodlums and their sponsors want to oppress these people because they don’t have the connection and financial wherewithal to fight them.”

“I will continue to fight to protect the interest of Baale Adebayo and his family over Abajigi land.  They are the land owners.  These other people led by one Adisa Jinadu are the aggressors.  This matter is already before a high court in Sagamu.  If Jinadu and the hoodlums believe in the rule of law, they should have waited for the court’s pronouncement on the issue.  Why must they be inflicting violence on others?  We believe in the rule of law and this is why we have not resorted to violence.  But it is unfortunate that these people are using their influence and position to oppress others,” he added.

Calling on Governor Fashola to take measures to checkmate policemen attached to the state task forces from doing illegal duty, Owoeye said it would amount to an act of injustice for an individual to use his position to instigate security men to harass others.  He also urged Governor Daniel to provide security measures to safeguard lives and property of Igbo-Olomu residents, especially those living on Ogun State side of the border.

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