Ex-NFA spokesman, Austin Mgbolu, hits back at former Ethiopian coach

Lagos – A former Spokesman of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA), Austin Mgbolu, on Tuesday expressed his disappointment with a former Ethiopian Coach, Sewnet Bishaw, for alleging that FIFIA favoured the Super Eagles to qualify for the upcoming World Cup.
Bishaw recently alleged that the Walya Antelopes failed to qualify for Brazil 2014 World Cup because FIFA had favoured the Eagles to progress.
Mgbolu told journalists on telephone that Bishaw’s claims were irrelevant, urging the Ethiopian authorities to call the coach to order.
Bishaw was sacked as coach of the Ethiopian national team, following the the team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup, after the Eagles had advanced 4-1, at the expense of the East Africans, over a two-legged encounter.
“I think Bishaw has crossed the line with such unguarded utterance and the world should not listen to the words of a drowned man.
“The Eagles are and have always been a powerhouse in African football and we qualified for the World Cup at the expense of the Ethiopians convincingly.
“Therefore, his comments at this point are immaterial and it’s high time the Ethiopian authorities called him to order before he drags their football into disrepute.”
The former NFA spokesman said that Bishaw should have considered it a privilege playing against the Eagles, the current African champions.
“He is fortunate that the play-off encounter against the Eagles only ended on a 4-1 aggregate score line. It should have been more.
“If the Eagles had scored a lot more goals against his team he won’t be talking this much. The Eagles are undoubtedly a class above the Antelopes,” Mgbolu said.
NAN reports that the Walya Antelopes are currently ranked 100th in the world, 53 places behind the Eagles who are ranked 47th by FIFA. (NAN)

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