Wear Your Colors Educate Our Youth

Codewit Global Network. (CGN) is on a mission: to rebuild African unity in our schools and communities primarily through the development, support and funding of more effective educational opportunities for today’s young generation.

A youth education and ethnic empowerment enterprise with offices Malaysia, Nigeria  and Helsinki, CGN’s primary product and service offerings are youth enrichment (i.e., educational programming and motivational speaking),

While glossing through the ugly and darkest times of African history, we educate our children of a rich cultural history, heritage, and the many, significant achievements of their ancestors, to build and strengthen within them higher levels of self-esteem and self-identity.

Several discussion and reflections also incorporate the words “pride, power and purpose” (the 3P’s) to serve as positive life principles.  The 3P’s provide an opportunity to help youth overcome real-life issues such as broken homes, tough streets, gun and domestic violence, and drugs. They are also used to promote the importance of education to help children become more resilient to the multitude of negative circumstances and influences they often face.

CGN supplies positive reinforcement for our youth by using the 3P’s, and then delivers “alternative” education programs to help them identify a specific purpose in life. These programs are typically developed based on direct feedback from youth as to what their interests are to better engage their motivation, participation and improvement.

A. Claret  Onwutalobi, CGN’s president, says there is a growing movement to better the condition of African youth through better education.  “By proactively seeking out and engaging the multitude of entities and individuals who share our mission and value our vision, we can overcome fragmentation, create consolidation and build a national coalition to propel our ability to deliver more effective educational options to the maximum number of youth. Thus, we are willing to work with anyone who will help us support, develop and fund youth education programming that empowers the lives of our children.”

CGN is currently establishing a national network of “Purpose Providers” consisting of concerned citizens, college students, communities and groups to strengthen youth education advocacy.

In addition to generating revenue through live event , CGN uses a variety of strategies such as fundraising, cross-branding and cross promotions to fund and develop youth education programs.

Currently teaming with INTI University Malaysia (INTI), CGN is developing a viable and vital student outreach program that will enlist college interns to work directly with the company in various capacities such as business development, sales and education programming. CGN and INTI hope to also create a national model that will forge partnerships between colleges and universities, and not-for-profit agencies in the communities they are based.

CGN is also establishing a national peer mentor project initiative that will match college students with high school students, and high school students with grade school students, to empower students to strive for and achieve higher education goals that will result in improved academic and professional outcomes.

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