Nigerian politicans irresponsible and unrepentant sadists

 Dear Nigeria,

I have been struggling with this letter. The reason is not because I hate to write to you, rather it’s because my heart is heavy and troubled. My feeling towards you is becoming leaden. I do not want to fake my laugh to your silly jokes anymore. I cannot stand your big boisterous voice and your inability to do something right. Hence, I have been riddled with so many aches in my heart towards you. I search my soul to find a soft spot for you, but obviously I am losing it. I just find it extremely difficult to break into a happy smile when the thought of you creeps into my mind, because you have not been true to me lately. You have made me to cling onto false hope all these years.

Whenever I remember you, I remember failures; I remember lies, the selfishness of your politicians, your weakness, and your shame among other nations. I am truly sad about how you have detoriated and decayed. You have harbored kidnappers, murderers, thieves and all sorts of criminals in the form of politicians. You have lost your good precepts and also have failed to chastise them that disobey them. It seems that you have abandoned it all for the worst.

I recall the words of my parents, how they were happy at the mention of your name and how they were proud of you. Sorry! Their beautiful memory of you does not coincide with mine. I have known you these years as one that has lost direction, as a mother that does not care nor take pride in her kids, as a vampire sucking on the blood of her children, and as a sick, mean and unpredictable man . I cannot contend the sickening feeling I get when I look at other nations politicians thinking and acting in every way to ensure, establish and promote the happiness, comfort and beauty of their fellow citizens; while your politicians are more interested in degrading the standard of life of  their fellow citizens from level poorest to most poorest.

Time after time your politicians have proved that they are incapable of making positive changes. All their changes are targeted to finding a way to punish and steal from your poor citizens for reasons that I do not know nor can I fathom. I wonder if you are destined to be so, ineffective, corrupt, nonchalant, irresponsible, fugitive, weakling, destitute, poor, needy, ill, failure and disgrace in the world. I keep wondering if they ever sit and give thought to the negative steps they have made you (Nigeria) to take ever since you gained independence. I wonder if they ever consider it wrong that your reputation, wealth, strength and intelligence has plunged disgracefully low among many nations in the world. I wonder if it ever occurs to them that they have made you worst than you were 50 years ago. I wonder a lot about you, my dear country!!!!

Obviously, your politicians take pride in bragging about their corruption. They take awful lot of pride in bragging about how they care less about your citizens. They feel that it is just and right for your citizens to be hungry, destitute, poor, and fleeing to foreign countries. They enjoy having their association of irresponsible shameless idiots in the helm of your affairs. Irresponsible, untrustworthy and corrupt politicians that care only for their selfish gain, how to steal and embezzle the public money and stuck them away in foreign banks, that care only about how to drastically and fatally murder innocent citizens and people that points out their sins to their faces or try to blockade their hideous selfish quests and device schemes that will prolong the hardship of your citizens. It is a big shame!!!!

They have made life unbearable for your citizens, hence chased your citizens out. Their reckless actions and neglect for the life and well being of your citizens have encouraged the young, old, healthy, sick, educated, illiterate, rich, poor, and all alike to run to foreign countries; where they are treated like 125th class of human beings, regarded as less privileged to life and less valuable than pets; and are subjected to scorn, disgrace, humiliations, harassment, intimidation, verbal and moral assault, and all unimaginable kinds of hideous aversion. Your dire situation caused by your politicians spurs your citizens to take suicidal routes to foreign countries in order to flee from the encroaching wickedness and desolation. Some of your babies end up in the sea bed, some in jail, and others in the streets homeless. Your politicians have no regard for their existence. To your politicians, they are valueless or fool seeking for a better life in foreign land. Perhaps they even consider your citizens as burden.

I recall the first few lines of your national anthem, which says “arise o compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey, to serve our father land, with love and strength and faith”.  It has become arise and kill yourselves oh fellow Nigerians. That’s why the perpetual act of Muslims constantly and repeatedly killing of Christians in the north goes unpunished every time. “ To serve our fathers land with love strength and faith” has become steal and embezzle our fathers land wealth with greed, strength, no doubt, no moral thoughts, no remorse and above all unashamed.

Is it not ridiculous that in this 21st century that you still cannot boast of steady power supply per day? Is it not shameful that your roads are death traps, a route where armed robbers lurk in wait to prey, steal and kill road users; and unfortunately also your police force (the guardian of security over people and property) sets check points in order to extort money illegally and forcefully from road users, and even condescend to shooting and killing those that refuse to bow to their demand. People are still living in slums, epidermis diseases killing people constantly, lack of good hospitals and medicines, schools going on strike for more than half of each academic year, kidnapping and all sort of crime on the rise daily, poverty enduring and waxing strong, and the list continues.

With all these atrocities happening, your politicians turn blind eyes and fly high. It is very disheartening and infuriating. It is downrightly sad and hurtful. And  I hear year after year the large sum of money that have been pumped into power and energy sector, works and housing sector, roads construction and rehabilitation, health and other sectors; but still yet, all to no avail. No positive change ever made!

Is looting and embezzling of the public fund a symbolic act of good governance? Is ever metamorphosing cruel crimes an essence of development?  Oh how can I forget that they have no clue to the meaning of human right, social amenities, good hospitals and school, and rule of law? I assume that they lack the desire to be good, that’s why they strive to be worse than ever with each new administration.

Are you bewitched, my country Nigeria? Are you bewitched by irresponsible and  unrepentant politicians sadists in the form of politicians? Is this your destiny?


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