US lists more Nigerians, Yemenis on no-fly-list

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With names largely drawn from Nigeria and Yemen, the United States government is said to have nearly doubled the number of individuals who are now on the no-fly-list since the last Christmas Day terror attempt, by Nigerian terror suspect, Umar Abdulmutallab, Empowered Newswire reports.

Local media reports the US based on an Associated Press news story stated that a US government “intelligence official says the government had nearly doubled the number of people on the no-fly list since the attempted Christmas Day attack near Detroit.”

The report added that “the list expanded, in part, to add people associated with al-Qaida’s Yemen branch and others from Nigeria and Yemen with potential ties to the alleged would-be bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.”

It is believed that much of the addition to the list were recorded almost immediately after the December 25 terror attempt.

The news that names of more Nigerians are now on the list is coming less than a week after the US flew in a captured suspected terrorist from Nigeria to the US last Saturday.

The trial of the suspect is to resume on Monday in New York.

The AP report quoted an official saying that ”since a Nigerian man tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airplane, the government‘s list of suspected terrorists banned from flying grew from about 3,400 to 6,000.”

However, a much more public version of the no-fly-list, which is made public has more names.

A quick check by Empowered Newswire on the public version of the no-fly-list, on Thursday showed that the list had increased to 79,831. The list is updated daily and showed that seven new names were added to the it on Thursday, while 125 were added this month and 692 added this year.

Reviewing and updating the no-fly list were among President Barack Obama‘s immediate responses to the foiled attack.

It will be recalled that Empowered Newswire reported earlier in the year that the US government may soon begin rejection of Visa applications by some categories of Nigerians and also outright cancellations of visa privileges for some Nigerians.

Although a statement by the US State Department did not mention the categories that would be affected, it added that visas already issued to some people might be revoked.

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