Huffington Post Shills For Cass Sunstein And Continues The Underwear Bomber Coverup


Huffington Post continues the coverup of the Underwear Bomber and the failed Al Qaeda conspiracy. The Nigerian terrorist was allowed on board Flight 253 by US security officials and he nearly blew up an airliner. The Cognitive Infiltration of Cass Sunstein includes censorship of this story. Was it incompetence or a failed False Flag Op?

Huffington Post censors certain topics as instructed by Cass Sunstein’s Department of Information Infiltration. HuffPo is censoring and spreading neo-con disinformation just as the Washington Independent has been doing. Also WaPoop, GE tee vee, Fox Noise and the other millionaire shill bubbleheads who pretend to be journalists are covering up the “Intelligence” failure of the Underwear Bomber.

Underwear had been identified as a terrorist. But he was allowed through airport security by US Intelligence officials. They had known all about Underwear for months because his wealthy father had informed them about his patsy son. This story is being disappeared. Underwear’s handler was either an Al Qaeda agent or a counter intelligence clown. Handler has disappeared also. Witnesses, or should I say survivors of Flight 253 who responsibly reported this were smeared by our STASI-like government.

On board the plane, Underwear was being videotaped by a passenger. After landing in Detroit, the passengers were locked down for six hours. Another man was taken away in handcuffs. This was also denied at the time. Underwear was interrogated without torture. He talked, and the bombmaker was from….Saudi Arabia. Surprise.

If Underwear’s Saudi Arabian bomb had exploded Al Qaeda would be blamed and we would lose more of our civil liberties, if we have any remaining liberties. As I reported a Washington Independent reporter confirmed that this near disaster was part of a government investigation. But on this issue, and anything about Al Qaeda, the Washington Independent has been anything but independent. HuffPo is merely ridiculous. HuffPo wants the X-Ray body scanning machines, which can cause cancer.

A Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, has been charged with boarding a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day with a bomb hidden in his underwear. One of the reasons the alleged bomber was able to board the flight in Amsterdam was that his name was not on a U.S. terror watch list.

Underwear’s handler told airport security, “We do this all the time.” US officials allow terrorists with bombs on board all the time?

In the past three months, senior U.S. security officials have been meeting with foreign countries to discuss how to improve aviation security, and many countries have adopted enhanced screening methods, including the use of body-scanning machines.

To improve aviation security, put terrorists ON the no-fly list instead of taking them OFF. Of course, our neo-con national security officials mainly use the no-fly list to harass dissident lefties.

The U.S. does not have the authority to screen passengers in foreign airports. But if air carriers do not agree to follow the U.S. guidelines for international aviation security, they could be fined and potentially banned from operating flights to the U.S.

But US security officials will not be fined if they are incompetent or if they carry out a False Flag Op and blow up an airliner. Why do our “intelligence officials” protect Saudi Arabia and conceal their crimes against our citizens?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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