Why I will not support Professor Chukwuma Soludo

In response to my article titled “Is Professor Soludo PDP’s Anambra Solution” published in on the 18th day October, 2009, Kanayo Nwankwo, a prolific writer and a friend of mine wrote me a copious letter from London, giving me the reason why he thought that Prof Soludo should be given a chance to administer the state. I got permission from my friend to publish the whole e-mail and I will crave the indulgence of readers to share with them the epistle of my friend and to ventillate the whole opinion of Prof Soludo’s supporters.
He went straight to the point after the usual banters thus:
 Anambra State is an accumulation of frustrated emotions, a vortex of deprivation strategically polluted to nourish the confusion clamoring for universal recognition. I am scared about the eruption of suppressed bucolic infatuation given the precedence of previous conscienceless political godfathers. Professor Soludo is a character I suspect with respect; nevertheless, I think the man should be given a chance to use Anambra State as an example of his objective and economic worthiness politically. Not many believed Barack Hussein Obama until he was given a chance to reveal his latent potentiality. Professor Soludo is a character In Suspense!
“I think humanity; the Igbos, Nigerians and the good people of Anambra stand to gain much from the “trinitized” aspirations represented by Ngige, Obi and Soludo. Ngige and Obi should be made to act as political and sociological deputies to Soludo, the economic wizard. A prophet is not known in his place, Soludo doesn’t enjoy immunity and exception from this assertion, but given his brave academic record, erratic political tenure, and cowardly executive record, it feels like the emptiness in the soul of Professor Soludo can only be filled if he is given the executive chance to primarily serve his people (Anambrarians). I think Soludo probably holds a blue print for the economic salvation of Anambra State, the failures at CBN notwithstanding, Nigeria is too complicated for a man to implement a heart-felt social plan given the confusion-prone tribes, language barrier, religious castration, corruption and direction-less leadership that bedevils the central government. Any reasonable soul that wishes to serve Nigerians proper should use his/her state or region as a constituency. Charity begins at home. Soludo might be the Obama Anambra State deserves, and fortunately has produced! But, will they let him serve? Inasmuch as I saw his obvious weaknesses and still suspect his professional mentality, I can’t help but let you know that I sympathize with him. I think his handicap is not beyond bucolic rehabilitation. The mystery surrounding his father’s kidnapping and the aftermath bear the hallmarks of a failed nation…which Nigeria is in retrospect. Ngige sold his manhood, and with that, his soul, to those ”illiterate godfathers’’ (they are not completely illiterate since they are tribal strategists, immune custodians of bigotry, imbecility, corruption, manipulation and moral assassinations in this era) and that destroyed his professional credibility and staked his private integrity as an educated son of the Igbos.
“Soludo was imposed, and even stands on the pedestal of a party that has set a ghastly precedence, and yes, I agreed with you that Soludo’s political methodology differs from that of Obama, but, professionally, he still has much to offer! Don’t you think so? With Obi and Ngige by his side, I think Anambra state stands to gain a lot, i.e. if he is elected! His academic background is what I am thinking the people of Anambra should exploit greatly! Don’t you think his hands were tied at the federal level? I think many ”Nigerian leaders” use the cloak of “executiveness” as an immunity against accountability, probity and probable post-tenure prosecution, and conviction, and our dear brother, Soludo, is not pretending to be an exception. It feels like he is the most suitable bloke for the soon- to be vacant job in the state. In one of my recent books, I said that ”our leaders are our killers” You have strong points on the character of these political pretenders and dangerously aspiring sycophants, but the relative truth is, I see some of them as partly evil-partly good. The question is: how do we subdue the evil in them to harness their merits for social good? Transparency, accountability and provision of a liberal social security system that will take care of them when they leave office might be the answers to the problems. I think the electorates in Anambra state in particular, and Nigeria in general, need to say no to corruption, and build stronger moral walls to ward off the antics of dubious salvation-hawkers that incessantly lure them to mortgage their consciences for peanuts. I will think deeply before telling you what I think might be the implication if another moron is planted at the government house in Awka and if the incumbent anemic president dies in office.”
What a mouthful! In a long mail, he summarized the reasons why I was wrong on Soludo and why he believe that Soludo is better that all the candidates put together. My response to him about why I will not support the professor was as copious as his mail to me. Coming to his opinion about Soludo, it was a well written article, though poorly argued in his favor. For instance, he acknowledged Soludo’s failure at CBN but still consider him good enough for the state. 
Like I stated in my article, I respect Prof Soludo’s academic prowess. No one can take that away from him. I also stated that he recorded some modest achievements at the CBN like the bank consolidation, and the naira redenomination would have be successful but for the cabals connivance with the presidency to frustrate his efforts coupled with his lack of moral courage, to push harder and resign if he felt that his advise he felt strongly about was jettisioned. However, academic prowess does not a good leader make. One thing I dislike about candidates or anyone I come across is dishonesty and lack of candor. In my book, a candidate that is tainted will never get my support even though my support doesn’t worth a thing. That was his greatest vice as far as I am concerned. Much as I admire Dr Ngige, but I lost all my respect for him the moment he went to Okija to swear oath of allegiance to his political godfathers. No matter whatever Ngige subsequently did as a governor, meant nothing to me because he was tainted.

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