Castar Semenya – Gender Controvesy

The ugly head of racism has shown it head again this time in sports. Last week South African Castar Semenya won the women 800 meters convincingly and the European media were quick to doubt her gender. This is a new low by the white media conspiracy that has now begun to use Africans to undermine Africans.
I am begin to believe that white people will only begin to support sports in which they dominate in and sports in which they find themselves defeated by black athletes they choose the easy path and become sore losers. Europeans should swallow the bitter pill and accept they cannot dominate all sports the Berlin athletic championship was a perfect example in which all the track events were won by non white athletes. Africans have now quarrels with white dominating some sports such as field events, swimming, horse racing and range shooting etc.
I was shocked to learn that the IAAF has also made the world cross country event a bi annual event as opposed to being an annual event. The reason being the event is being dominated by Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. The best placed white performer comes in a distant 10th position in such events. As a result of this advertisers are no longer willing to sponsor the event. European Countries are also unwilling to send athletes to the event because they have no chance of winning. My question is what happened to the spirit of sports where the competition in fierce but friendly and ultimately the better competitor gets to win and the loser willing accepts defeat. Am beginning to believe this rule only applies amongst the white people, once the black race begins to dominate the rules get to change.
Sports was one of the last best hopes of uniting the races but this is all beginning to change. No black male athlete has gloated after winning an event that his white male competitors ran like girl, better still no media outlet has taken notice of this. Semenya is not a man, she is a superwoman and all the haters should shut up and accept her victory or better yet train harder and hopefully next time give her some meaningful competition. In the meanwhile black athletes should let their running do the talking. Or maybe in the interest of sports continuation black athletes should let their white counterparts win.

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