Stop harassing Kenyan leaders, Jonathan tells ICC

Stop harassing Kenyan leaders, Jonathan tells ICC President Goodluck Jonathan has called on the International Criminal Court to stop harassing the leaders of Kenya and allow them space to deliver on their electoral promises to the people.  In a speech at a special session of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Jonathan also called for the review of some Articles of the Rome Statute that set up the ICC which he said are of  grave concern to Africa.
According to him, though African leaders have complained of being unduly  targeted by the ICC, it has failed to address the concern.
The president said:”In expressing my support for Kenya on its difficulties with the ICC, I will like to acknowledge that five years after the post-election violence of 2007, the people of Kenya have proven to the world that they are capable of expressing their sovereign wishes in a free, fair and credible manner in accordance with democratic norms and values.
”This is a clear demonstration to the world that the people of Kenya are in the best position to determine their own future and deal with their past.
”To further consolidate this, I would like to urge the Kenyan Parliament to hasten its consideration of the Report of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission to facilitate the implementation of its recommendations in order to accelerate the process of national healing.
”What remains is for the international community, in particular, the ICC, to give the elected leaders of Kenya the space to discharge their mandate in meeting the aspirations and needs of their people”.

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