Swine flu toll tops 15,500 worldwide

Swine flu virus milling around some 53 countries has infected more than 15,510 individuals with an increase of more than 2,000 cases in the past few days.

The World Health Organization has increased the death toll to 110 after new deaths were reported by Mexico, Canada and the US.

Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Uruguay in Europe, Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay in South America, and Lebanon in Asia have been the latest countries to detect A/H1N1 cases.

Latest reports released by the CDC revealed 1,163 new cases and two more deaths in the US, bringing the toll in the country to 8,975. The virus has already taken the life of 17 victims, most of whom are reported in the Texas State.

In Mexico, authorities confirmed 369 new cases and two more deaths, bringing the number of infections and deaths to 4,910 and 97.

The virus, meanwhile, is spreading rapidly in South American regions. Chilean health officials reported that the number of A/H1N1 cases in the country has risen to 199 after 31 new cases were confirmed.

Argentinean authorities also reported seven new A/H1N1 cases, bringing the total number to 44 in the country. In Panama, the confirmation of new cases has risen the country’s infection toll to 107.

Hawaii (82), Peru (35), Ecuador (32), Colombia (17), Brazil (14), Guatemala (7) and Honduras (2) are other countries in the region to confirm new cases of A/H1N1.

Canadian authorities announced 197 new cases, bringing the total to 1118 in the country.

In France, where 21 confirmed swine flu cases are identified, a US official sent to prepare the US president’s visit for the 65th anniversary of D-Day invasion has been tested positive for the virus.

While the infected delegate is being treated in a hospital, eleven others are isolated in their hotel rooms and given medical treatment.

Seventeen other new cases were confirmed in Britain, where a total of 203 people have now been infected.

Three more cases of A/H1N1 flu were confirmed in Switzerland, bringing the total number of infections in the country to eight.

Spain (143), Italy (26), Germany (19), Belgium (8), Poland (4), Sweden (4), Greece (4), Finland (3) and Ireland (3) are the European countries recently reporting new cases of the deadly virus.

In Australia, the number of infected cases has more than doubled to 147 in the past two days.

In Asia, Japan (364), S. Korea (33), Philippine (16), Hong Kong (12), Taiwan (11), Singapore (4), China (30) announced new cases of swine flu in the past few days.

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