Racial slur: Any lessons for Italian Senator?

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During eugenics – one of the racial madnesses that periodically grip Teutonic Europe – an English scientist called H.G. Wells dismissed the continent’s Latinos, Slavs and Khazari Jews as “dirty whites” – a deliberate race-based distortion of Darwin’s new evolutionary principles.

Eugenics taught that certain races and (within the Caucasian race itself) certain classes and a certain gender carried innately faulty genes. Therefore, a Caucasian “super-race” was to be created by deploying technology to “cleanse” the “human” blood by systematically killing all non-Caucasians, proletarians, women and other carriers.

Because bigots have pinheads for brains, even a simple question – like how you could create such a race after you had killed all women – never entered the minds of the world’s most educated continent’s scientific elite.

Though the Italians were prominent among the “races” to be eliminated, Italy shows that it never learned any lesson from the tragedies occasioned by certain racial cranks in Germany right next door. Thus you get more racial stupidity in Latino-Slavic football pitches than in Germanic ones.

You get it also in political podiums. This week a highly educated Italian politician poured uneducated racial vitriol on another Italian politician. By calling her an orang-utang (because she is black), he epitomised the abysmal ignorance of the human genome on which Caucasian bigotry rests.

But all human beings – including Roberto Carderoli, vice-president of Italy’s Senate – not only look like but are, indeed, apes. Even the blondest Scandinavian is basically a chimp, gibbon, gorilla and orang. In particular outer features, every race is more ape-like than other races, depending only on geography and climate.

Yet every race remains typically “apish”. Only because of life in chilly climes has the Caucasian race evolved its fleshy long nose. In short, near the poles, it makes as much biological sense to “humanise” the nose by thickening and lengthening it as it does to retain the snub nose on the equator.

Yet, away from the tropics, you retain the hairiness, thin lips and flat bottom of the ape while, within the tropics, you humanise the lips and buttocks (by thickening them) and the skin (by doffing the hair). In short, on the equator, it is much more human to doff the hair and darken the skin than to carry so much fur on auburn skins.

Because the Negro has lived in the tropical habitat where humanity as a whole was born, he has never needed to evolve any drastically different nose. But natural selection is a dialectician. So while the Caucasian was humanising the nose, it retained the ancestral ape’s hairiness, thin lip and flat bottom.

Contrariwise, as Desmond Morris points out in The Naked Ape, the Negro’s relative hairlessness, thick lip, bulky bottom and black skin were excellent humanisation processes, namely, developments away from the primordial ape. In short, in the tropics, to blacken is as much to “humanise” the body as it is, near the pole, to develop a “Semitic nose”.

Both are wonderful biological strategies. But the point Stephen Oppenheimer makes (in Out of Eden) is that none of these external differentiations ever interferes negatively with the basic humanity of any race – which is (a) freedom of the hands as a result of the erect posture, (b) a large and uniquely versatile brain and (c) loose organs of speech.

In other words, the species had completed this whole humanisation process at its very evolutionary birth in Africa long before it migrated to other continents. It was in the latter that – thanks to drastically different climates – it separated into various races.

Both in time and in evolutionary significance, then, raciation was completely secondary to our basic humanity. The human tragedy is that the continent which took the lead in discovering this is the one which harbours the most atavistic form of racial bigotry.

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